Unstructured outdoor rides and adaptive training/progresssion

Hi guys,

I did an outdoor group ride this morning - 255 TSS, so a decent effort - is this taken into account for Adaptive Training / Progression Levels? I did it on the heels of 3 days of TR workouts, but do not see it impacting adaptations at all? Is this right?

No, they do not harvest unstructured rides setup for Adaptive Training now. So no impact on Progression Levels at this time.

It does at least some level of review with respect to TrainNow, but it is rudimentary for now.

What if you find an equivalent TR workout I.e. duration, energy system and TSS and ‘Match ’ it to your workout?

Got it, thanks. That’s too bad - TR will think I am underperforming because it won’t pick up the unstructured efforts and adapt the subsequent TR workouts accordingly

TR hopes to, in the future.

Nope, doesn’t solve the problem.

You need to actually execute and complete a planned outside workout via Garmin head unit for them to count right now.

Wahoo is not working at the moment because of a bug or something. No other hacks work at this time.


This is such a bummer! Spring is in full force and I don’t plan to do much indoor training unless my schedule (which happens relatively often) or weather prevents an outdoor ride.

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It is on the list to do, and they are apparently already working on recognition and adjustment of Progression Levels from unstructured outside rides. TR recognizes how important it is in the long run, and seem intent on making it happen.


Yep, I’ve been in the same boat - I don’t do any indoor rides once the weather improves starting from about mid March. I also use a wahoo, so even structured workouts don’t factor in.

I’ve had 1000 tss weeks over the past month and my endurance is 1 !!


I doubt I’ll get an answer but very curious on the technical issues that prevent outdoor rides from being recognized right out of the box.

Clearly some kinks to work out. Not sure if because I use a Wahoo outside, but my past rides on my calendar are all sorts of screwed up since I joined the beta. I am not fussed by it, but I have outdoor structured rides with no progression, outdoor unstructured rides with progressions, indoor rides associated with the wrong workout when you click on it, indoor rides associated with manual activities from different days.

I am rehabbing so have only been doing indoor rides since joining the beta, but good to know not to expect much yet.

And I am in touch with TR support on it. :slight_smile:

I know you replied to me, but since I am not a TR employee, Ivy or some other TR rep will be best to handle that.

As a quick guess, simply compare any random power profile from a “group ride” to a structured workout (inside or outside) and you may begin to see the complexity. Outside random rides can have everything from relatively stable and repeated efforts to completely wild swings between highs and lows. Deciding what “power bucket” any part or the entirety of a workout falls within is anything but easy when you see the variability in work to rest states.

It’s not some simple algorithm to categorize these and then adjust your Progression Levels as a result. That is why I think it is complicated and taking more time than the work it took for the “structured” inside and outside rides.


Totally, as good as intervals.icu is, identifying intervals outside isn’t as clean as analyzing an indoor ride file, so outdoor workouts where I’ve kept pretty steady state power aren’t really picked up by the algorithm, at least not like short power stuff. I imagine TR is probably trying to overcome problems like that


Hi there. I don’t mind if AT doesn’t adjust my progression levels upwards as credit for outdoor rides. But I think it classifies the TR workout as missing and then scales subsequent workouts down. Is this right?

Also curious about this since I’m primarily doing outdoor rides on my Wahoo right now.

Outside Workouts on Wahoo are not currently receiving “credit” within Adaptive Training. It’s a known issue and current point of development our engineers are working on.


Are there any workarounds here? I’ve been hitting my workouts consistently for a few months on my Wahoo and adaptive training has me at all 1’s.

Not at the moment, unfortunately. We know lots of athletes are opting to do their workouts outside so we’re hustling to resolve this!


Ivy - and/or @SeanHurley or @Nate_Pearson - can you please give us an informed guesstimate (i.e. more specific than ‘hustling’) for when TR AT is going to cover outside as well as indoor rides? I’ve just entered the Beta and many of my progression levels are at or around 1 despite being my strengths (e.g. Endurance, Sweet Spot). From what I’ve read in the Forum this is because while I’ve been doing VO2 and Threshold sessions on the trainer my longer Endurance / SST rides have all been outside - it being summer and all :wink:
I know lots of us are in the same boat. And I realise it can’t be an easy issue to resolve or you’d have already done so. But six months after first being informed I was on the AT list finally getting access to AT leaves me feeling distinctly underwhelmed, and with a sense you may have over-promised way too early and are still struggling to deliver.
And yes, I use a Wahoo head unit (which is great) which is set to sync with Strava. I can’t see how AT can be considered a success until it plays nicely with both of those, can you?

They can not. TR has already done so numerous times in the past on various features only to find bugs that delay public real ease.

Success? It’s not even released yet. It’s in Beta and you are one of the guinea pigs to flush out issues. Consider yourself lucky to be in beta and enjoy the features until it’s released to the public. As a beta tester your role is to use the new features and report any issues to TR support.