New here, having an issue with indoor and outdoor syncing to wahoo elemnt

Hi, i’ve recently cancelled my coach and wanted to try it my self. I’ve saved all of my training sessions from training peaks to trainerroad. The issue is i can’t seem to upload my sessions from my trainerroad calander to my wahoo device, they’re paired together. Also when i change it too “outside” it totally changes my workout that I made. Can anyone help?

Hi @Thomas_Davison

Please start by having a look here:

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I can’t help you with the training peaks to traineroad conversion thingy, but some of trainerroad indoor sessions that are transferred to outdoors results in a different name, but the training rides are similar/same. For instance, Pettit (indoor) becomes Cloud Peak (outdoors).

So is it possible to transfer the indoor session to your wahoo elemnt and do it on the turbo? or does everyone use their phones?

You can only export TR created outdoor workouts.

I’m having similar issues and I’m liasing with TR support
I’ve had a really helpful email (I hope). I’ve just got to sit down and work through it.
They can look at your account and talk you through it

I just click the “outdoor” button and do that one. TR designed whatever they give me to be the outdoor version of the ride on my plan, so I just trust the process and do the workout they send to my Wahoo.