When, oh when, to begin structured workouts

Looking to start with TR very soon… I have all the equipment needed. My big question is: should I just start now, knowing that I’ll be off the bike Feb. 1st-15th, or do I just ride (commuting, group rides with friends, etc.) until I am back in town in mid-February and begin then? My A event is next cross season, so early-December is my goal (with the season beginning late-August). Thanks!!

I would start. I did my first ‘real’ Trainerroad session today. It was my first session with ERG mode. Before it was just gym bikes. I would start now so you get a feel for using Trainerroad. I am sure you will have more questions after you have done some session. Those 14 days will give you a bit of time to re-asses where you are at and maybe answer some of those questions.

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Start now. Before I started SSB (which was a couple of months after when I got TR) I chucked in random workouts and ones I’d encounter in the plans so to know what to expect. No downside to it.

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Feb 17-Dec 6 is 42 weeks; far longer than TR base, build, and specialty take to complete.
Feb 17-Aug 30 is 28 weeks; perhaps perfect with TR’s new plan builder to get to and through the season.

Wouldn’t hurt to check the math.

Have you taken a break from the bike recently, physically and mentally? As in don’t even think about a bike for 1-2 weeks or more. Perhaps you can stay motivated for that long but the 2020 cross season is a long ways out from today.

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Start today. Use Plan Builder.


Thanks for replying, Trippy!

I was forced into a bit of a break coming into Cx Nats, in that I got sick which became bronchitis. I lined up but I wouldn’t say that I “raced.” I’m just now getting back (commuting only to date) and feel strong and refreshed. I’m 48, and definitely recognize the increased need for rest and quality sleep.

I’m thinking that is I choose low volume for structured trng, coupled with commuting and riding for fun, I should be able to stay motivated into the Cx season.

The answer is “yesterday”.

For a lot of people new to indoor training, the first few rides won’t go as expected, largely due to discomfort on a fixed bike and inadequate cooling.

Get those first few rides over with, adjust as necessary, and then begin the real training.


Have you done it yet? If not, you are late.

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I wouldn’t wait. You can do a 5 week block of base training before your trip.

What would you do otherwise? Nothing?

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I would still commute and go on group rides… the question is more about getting 4-5 weeks into a 6 week plan and have to stop?

There’s nothing magic about six weeks. You could do 5 weeks, take two weeks off of rest and then start a new block when you get back.

Or just do a couple of structured TR workouts per week in addition to your commuting and group rides. As others have noted, you’ll get used to the platform.

You do have a lot of time until next cross season so maybe it’s not a big deal either way.

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Another vote for start now… I started indoor work about 7 weeks ago, and there’s plenty to learn about your set up, approaches to different aspects of the workouts, on and on that others have covered.

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