Spring/Summer is here - should i stop training in trainer road?

Fellow cyclists,

I started cycling last year and decided to train with TR in January this year. I just completed SSBMV1 and SPBMV (today). My FTP didn’t increase that much (163 - 171). But I definitely learned a lot in the past 4 months.

Want to ask you guys who have been using TR for a while, do you guys still use TR in the Spring and Summer? Combining riding indoor/outdoor?

I’m just about to sign up for the specialty century plan, but I know I’m going to be craving to ride outdoor and concerned of not being able to take the plan seriously.


I personally keep it going year round for a couple of reasons

  1. Structure. Having done several years of no structure before going full on structure the differences were significant in terms of fitness. Even following a low volume plan will keep you well rounded and checking off workouts provides more motivation on days when you feel flat

  2. Outdoor workouts. Tbh I’ve only started implementing them during the covid times but they are a great way of getting out on the bike and not mindlessly jamming it up every hill until I can’t anymore. Much better use of time

  3. Weather. Not sure of where you are but bad weather always strikes on the days when I have a big ride or workout planned so it’s nice to be able to do something that will continue to make me faster on the days Mother Nature doesn’t want me to play

  4. Calendar. I think I put more things in my TR calendar than my actual life calendar. I like being able to see why I did or didn’t do a workout/ride, where I was sick, comments from rides and the overall tracking from PRs


No, definitely not. But you could switch to a lower volume plan or replace the weekend workouts with outdoor rides.


Depends on your goals, I guess. If you just want to ride outside and enjoy yourself then go for it! However, if you have aspirations to improve or compete, then it’s hard to beat structured indoor training.

It sounds like most people here do a combination of the two, either by supplementing a low volume plan with outdoor rides or using the ‘outdoor workouts’ feature. Personally I keep my interval workouts indoors to keep the quality high, and move the endurance/recovery rides outside.


Thanks for all the replies here. Great insight.

I think I will do the 2nd option, which is to do the interval/upper-under workouts/SST indoor, and do the recovery and endurance ride outdoor. So, indoor on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And, outdoor on Wednesday and Sunday.

Initially, I decided to do TR so I can join a century race with 10K feet of climbing on June 20th. Due to Covid-19, the race just got cancelled, as all of the local group rides (Wednesday and Saturday). This gives me a better chance to train indoor.


If you can find some good routes for interval work, I highly recommend doing SS and threshold outside. Over/under workouts are a little more challenging outside. Time goes by so much faster when outside doing the workouts.


Stay on TR for sure. Outside workouts are awesome and I use them frequently!


Keep on if you want to keep improving. Drop it if you don’t. :slight_smile:


You can absolutely improve while only riding outdoors, but you should do it with purpose. Find out where you can do sweet spot/threshold intervals in your area, and where you can do vo2max work (hill reps). Use the tr plan as a model. Do some z2 endurance rides, where you maintain steady power. Assess your ftp every month or so.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Very useful insights. I decided to keep it and continue training.

I just completed my post build ramp test 15 minutes ago and my FTP went up to 181. When I started at the end of January, it was 163. I certainly feel I can endure/suffer better now.

A quick follow-up question: since all the events I registered have been cancelled, should I go back and do \ SSB again with my new FTP, or continue on with the Century plan?

Thanks, everyone.

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Depends on doing ssb again. It always helps but build is quite a challenge in its own regard. I would keep the sub year round and drop to LV and get outside for an additional fun rides.

I have been a sub year round for 4+ years I think and so easy to get on the trainer when stretched for time.

Ftp and gains will come. Mine was 138 in 2013 and now 300 with some on/off training in a few of those years. Even if you don’t see a huge ftp gain if you can hold power for longer time frames and easier then you are progressing as well.

Good luck and welcome.