When is the optimal time to delete and re-start a training plan?

I am following a low volume plan that I started for the winter. I had scheduled this plan to run from roughly October through end of March, where I hope to be able to get outside. At this point I tend to ride unstructured outside and sprinkle in some Train Now rides.

I was told that in my situation it is best to delete my plan and schedule a full year training plan…even if I stop following it when I start riding outside in the spring. I guess this is optimal vs. setting some sort of taper or peak fitness for an arbitrary spring date. Does this make sense?

Also…given I am in the middle of a plan, when should I delete and re-start? I happen to be at the start of one week of endurance rides, followed by an FTP test. Should I complete the endurance week then delete and re-set, or just scrap the endurance week and do it now? Or am I overthinking!

Also…has anyone used annotations in the plan to factor in a rest week or two? ie. for something like a vacation? How has this worked?


I would do your endurance/recovery week as currently scheduled, then replan from the following week. As presumably if you have a week of z2 rides in the diary then you’ve just done a block of work so you need that easier week before starting the next block.


Who to.d you this? Seems like odd advice to me, personally.

Trainer road support

Are you targeting as specific event on a specific date or are you just training to get fitter? (However you care to quantify the latter)

Just training to get fitter.

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