What's your 2 hour power as a percent of your FTP?

Last night I tested my 2 hour power. It’s about 88% of my FTP. I did not want to do it but had already told people I was going to set a new 2 hour power record…so…yuck…I went ahead and did it.

So spill the beans, everybody, go to your personal records and calculate what your all time 2 hour power as a percent of your FTP is. Report it. Then, if it makes you comfortable, make an excuse about it. That’s part of the fun, too.

In a few weeks, I’m gonna set a 10 hour power record. There. I said it. Now I’m committed.


Can we argue about how you define FTP now or later? :rofl:



78%, but it wasn’t an attempt at 2hr, or even a steady ride (it was a recent 4x15 threshold workout). Now I’m curious!


Kudos to you. I can’t think of many things in life I’d want to do less than a 2-hour max test. Actually, scratch that, I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less than that.


I’ve never tested it. But looking at my best 2 hours from the career page was 80% of what my FTP was at the time

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If haven’t tested it specifically but calibrating against recent efforts, probably around 90-91%


Strangely enough I also recently set a new 2 hour power PR - it’s about 87% of FTP, going by WKO’s mftp which seems close.
This dovetails nicely with the sweetspot progression questions that have come up - if I can do 1x90 minutes at 90% FTP, are the shorter sweetspot workouts really challenging me?? Not sure what to do with this.

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All-Time Best 230w for 2hrs with a 260w FTP (not a specific “2 hour test” but the final day of the Zwift Haute Route weekend, that I treated as a “race” event).


I think theoretically a person’s max 2hr power could be pretty close to their max 1hr power. I’d assume somewhere in the 85-95% range - probably at the higher end of that if the athlete fueled well.

  • 89% using ratio of best 2 hour power to best 1 hour power (they happen to be same ride)
  • 87% if using ratio of 2 hour power to FTP (established 3 weeks prior on 10 mile TT) and WKO mFTP
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@jwellford as you look at it now…do you think it would be easy to hold something like 85% for 2 hours?

0.908783783783784 :smiley::joy::smiley: 269/296

@Brennus Anxiously waiting to see what insight this provides. Or just fun. That works too.

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For me, yeah. But my strength is riding around threshold/long TTE. Pretty sure my 2hr power would be in the 90s fairly easily, and I could hold 85% for well over 2hrs. Will test this spring as I prepare for a 4hr race that may end up DIY.

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2hr 90% of FTP Test ~48 minutes for me (January this year.)
Wasn’t a focused 2 hour attempt though but close. Might have been able to do 91% (roughly where all my long SST were being done at the time) on an actual 2hr attempt that I paced well.

Using hour power 92.69%


My first “Hour of Power” ride from April 2017, and my second season of doing sweet spot progression. Having established a new FTP three weeks prior on the 10 mile TT, I wanted to do a long test based on some GCN video about doing hour of power workouts. Ended the hour at FTP+5W on NP and FTP-4W on Average Power, so great confirmation of my new FTP.

Felt good that Sunday evening and kept pushing the pedals, wasn’t trying for a 2 hour record. Instead that is a 40.2 mile loop that I train on, and vaguely remembering I wanted my first 20mph average. Moving time and other metrics from our pancake flat terrain:

  • 2:00:35 moving time (2:02:18 elapsed)
  • 400 ft ‘climbing’
  • 0.95 IF
  • 1.06 VI

Likely my longest solo 20+mph ride on pancake flat terrain.


I commented this on a different thread so guess I will drop it here too. 92%

1:54 @ 277 (50m TT)
0:55 @ 300 (25m TT)


2:00 average power is 87% of FTP but that was done in a race, so wasn’t exactly a straight effort - the NP for 2:00 was 92.4% of FTP

Boy that was a good race - 5 man breakaway that was me, a teammate, and 3 others - dropped two of the others and the last guy flatted - so ended with 45 minutes of me and a teammate time trialing for 1st and 2nd

Not too often you can truly empty yourself in a race without saving anything for the finish



@Brennus I bet your WKO Stamina is more accurate now. Did it change?

92-93% over about two hours.