FTP vs Hour Power

Yesterday I rode Aple du Zwift and set several power records including a 60 minute power of 251 watts. The last time I did a ramp test I got a FTP of 228 watts. Seems like a big difference. When I did the ramp test I was rested, I eat well and felt good. I rode until I just could not turn the cranks anymore. My question is why is there such a big difference? Is there something missing in my training? Is it a VO2 thing? Help.

What are you using to measure power?

When did you last do a Ramp Test and what training have you done since?

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I use the 2018 Kickr power meter. Same source for both numbers.

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it’s been a few weeks since the last ramp test. I have been doing some outside rides and a Road race build phase.