What's your 2 hour power as a percent of your FTP?

The most I’ve done for 2h was Boarstone a month back was 78%. That was a pretty steady state ride.

My best recent hour set on Christmas eve when I was going off an FTP was 250w for the central hour and 2mins of Unicorn-1. I am using that for my current FTP so I am pretty sure of it. I felt after getting to much night DOMs (maybe a lack of sunlight this year) I should ease back the intensity.

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Last 90 days, 85%. Last 30 days, nil because I haven’t gone longer than 100 minutes.

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A 3 hour max test?


My advice is to trust your instincts on this one! When I first looked at it on my Personal Records page it seemed like it would be easy…

Found that one using TR Personal Records. Decided to look at a few others from that timeframe when I was working on extensive sweet spot / tempo in preparation for a double century.

Two months before that I did another hard effort on that same 40 mile loop. My FTP was lower at the time, here it is:

91% 2-hour power (average) to FTP.

Guessing I could create a WKO query and find all the efforts above 85%. And do the same for other durations.


90% for two hours. What was interesting there was absolute no difference between 90 and 120 minutes in terms of RPE - it was purely mental effort but a lot more fun to do than 90 min as it was some kind of challenge and something new.


239 avg for 2 hours. FTP of 279=85.5%. This was a workout though(1x105 minutes @ 90%) and not an all out effort, I’d assume with the promise of a couple days off after and not having to ride a minute more than 120, I’d be able to nail 90-91%

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75%. Not a test, maybe the bike handling makes me coast at times in rides of over 1 hour.

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Here it is:

  • (meanmax(power, 2:00:00)/bikeftp)>0.85

and results:

had to tweak the search from 2:00:00 to 1:59:45 because that April 9th ride is 2:00:35 on Strava and 1:59:55 on WKO. Stupid auto-pause. Turned off auto-pause on my Garmin a year or two ago, to prevent stupid discrepancies like that from showing up (and to stop lying to myself).

PSA: turn off auto-pause!

Playing around with the formula, for 3 hours I’ve got two rides around 74% of FTP:

  • January 19, 2020
  • December 12, 2020

Haven’t tried it yet. I could do Boarstone which be a good one for 2 hours.
My estimate, based on my current fitness (struggling with minor calf injury and generally feeling a bit shitty) will be 75-80%.

March 2018 - 2h - 91.35% ftp - Zwift ride with 4iiii PM (:joy: @ decimal place!). Incidentally, I held the same power up to 2h10.

I’m basing ftp on a 20 minute Zwift ftp test I did the following week.

Back then long 90% ftp intervals and zone 2 endurance rides were my bread and butter.


Mines 80%
Pretty sure I could do better

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CP120 / CP60 = 88% here.

@SeanHurley Dare I say green banana?

I hate green bananas but I’ll eat a whole bunch of them before I ride a steady 2 hour max effort. It’s not even a question.


Teide climb at Tenerife took 2h15min @ 223watts. FTP was 262 back then, so 85%. 2021-03-12-234251_262x289_scrot

I guess I probably could have done a couple of watts more if I would have aimed for 2 hours only, but not much.


I thought the whole thing was 32 miles…

I’m sure I recall 92% being stated as about the max possible (assuming FTP set correctly).

My own best is 238 with an FTP of 270 (88%).

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Ah yeah, I shouldn’t have said “The climb”. There are multiple routes to the Teide from different directions. I did the climb from the direction of Playa de las Americas (Teide | Strava Ride Segment in Arona, Islas Canarias, Spain). And I cut the “effort” at the end of the climb to the crest of the big crater. To get to the actual Teide mountain you then do the ~150m(?) descent and another ascent (you can see that in the graph you showed) .

This is the segment I did:

AFAIK this segment is one of the more commonly ridden (14,109 attempts on strava compared to 287 attempts on the segment you linked)