What would you do for a 10% FTP bump?

What unspeakable things would you do for a 10% bump in FTP? Just a tongue in cheek post inspired by the podcast.

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Spend thousands of dollars annually for different training app subscriptions, direct trainers, bikes, and other cycling kit while at the same time I also spend 10+ hours of my waking hours per week doing difficult workouts that leave me breathless and overly sweaty.

Do I win?


yeah, it would be nice to get the bump and not have to do the 10 hours of training. Right now I’m doing the training and would be happy with half of that honestly.


I would listen to modern country music. This is a massive sacrifice that should not be taken lightly.


I’d quit shoveling crap food into my mouth for two months (so far).

That gave me zero watts on my FTP but my w/kg increased by about 9%. If I factor in my FTP bump for the last two months of training then I guess I’m at a 12% increase in w/kg.

If I make it to my (modest) goal weight then I’m looking at an almost 29% increase in my w/kg and that’s assuming no more increases in FTP.

I’d love to someday hit 300ftp but I’m not sure I’d be willing to do anymore than train for those few months when I can’t ride outside.

It’d be better if I just didn’t turn into a lardass…then my FTP, w/kg, and enjoyment could be maintained instead of wild swings I’m experiencing now. Ugh.


Slip @Nate_Pearson $10 to hardcode something in the FTP estimator that gives only me a 10% bump?


Not eat icecream for a month or two? Not sure what it says about my diet but getting to my goal weight would be about a 10% increase in (relative) FTP. Cautiously optimistic that it’s been actually working.

On the snarkier side, shop around for the FTP test which gives the highest result. For me that’s probably the 8 minute test if I had to guess. That probably wouldn’t gain me 10% though.


He’s got (or will soon get) all that Zwift money dude…better bump that to at LEAST a hundy.


Fine. I will give him my Tron bike.


We talking like Luke Bryan or Tyler Childers

Both new, ones trash ones good.

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I’d eat a Klondike bar.


FTP? Why? It’s just an indicator to use for power training…

Now, ask me what I’d do to be 10% FASTER!!! That would be worth considering…

Except doping. I would do anything for power, but I won’t do that. (H/T Meat Loaf)



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Fair point! Of course I wouldn’t call Childers “modern country”.

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From the jokes thread


I would subscribe to Zwift for a 10% bump, but it would probably backfire and be a downwards bump.

What sucks is there are some really good up and coming country singers but they get no air play. It’s so frustrating


Is this 10% now or 10% more on peak power?