Big FTP bumps at high level of fitness

Hey guys and girls,

i wanted to share an experience with you and ask if you ever experienced something similar. I am not trying to brag.
In my second to last FTP test I recorded an All time high at 374 W which puts me up to 4,15W\kg. I went through SSB1MV and did most of the work, except for the endurance rides. Usually I dont have enough time to fit those into my schedule.

After the plan, I had a week off because life happend and, following the advice from the podcast, retested via the ramp test again. This time i tested for 427W which is a massive bumb. Much higher than i ever experienced so far. That puts me now at 4.74W/kg.

The variables on testday (sleep, nutrition but also trainercalibration) have been similar enough that i cant see any fault in that. I am scared to train now, knowing that my Sweetspot intervals will be around 385W. Do you have any advice on how to cope with this?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

Lots of love

TL:DR: I had a massive bump and i dont know what to do with it. Any advice?

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Try it and see if you can sustain it…worst case scenario is you lower your FTP after a couple of failed workouts.

Give it a go and see what happens…



sounds like a great tapering strategy!

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That’s a huge jump! What device are you using to record power?

Some of my biggest fitness bumps came from “life happening” and having to basically take a week off. Completely serious.


I use a Kickr Snap for Indoor training

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Same for me. A supposedly “bad” travel week where all I did was two 30 min runs lead to the best road race fitness I have ever had. That taught me that my tapers need to be much more than the commonly prescribed ones, even/especially the TR ones. Likely my age is related (40+), but I seem to benefit more from time off than time on when approaching events.


Sorry mate, doesn’t look like you’re going to get a lot of constructive advice. Maybe if your numbers were lower and easier to relate to. :rofl:

On a more constructive side, I personally have found it takes a couple of weeks for my perceived exertion to recalibrate to my new FTP when I have had decent jumps. I wouldn’t feel bad abut dialing workouts back a little bit at the beginning as you adapt. But at some point you need to hit the workouts at 100% and see if that new FTP seems accurate. Do you feel like you are prone to over or under test with the protocol you used? That could be something to take into account as well.

The other thing I find important is going into workouts with a positive mental attitude. Don’t be afraid of doing SS workouts at ~380, be freakin’ stoked that you are a monster and doing SS workouts at ~380. And I guess, eat a lot of food? Holy cow, I am guessing your calorie burn for tempo / SS workouts will be crazy. Maybe increase the groceries budget??

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14% jump in fitness if you ignore the absolute numbers. That is still a monster increase in my mind, because my biggest jumps have been 7% (and training continued without issues).

Your advice:

seems sound.

That’s world tour pro level FTP - if not the weight…most of them can put out about 430W whilst weighing a bit less to get w/kg up in the 5.5 range…still impressive - although I have a Kickr snap and find that I can’t match my ramp test FTP outside if I use the big chain ring so have switched to the small…that said whatever you’re real FTP it’s still an impressive bump which shows the benefit of rest! :smile:

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Hardest thing we have to overcome as athletes is the belief that if you aren’t training, you are losing fitness. Completely not true…at least for a short period of time.


Well i think i will just continue with the training as suggested. Plan Builder throws another ramp test at me in two weeks time so i think this will be the perfect opportunity to test that out. Will give an update then on how things went from now.

And yes, i have to eat a ton. But never had problems with that anyways. Thats probably why ive weighed in at 106kg a few years back… but cycling changed it :slight_smile:


This give me gives me hope about my current week off drinking and eating mince pies


A couple of other things came to mind after my first reply:

  • I needed to internalize that my new FTP was legitimate and repeatable, and that workouts were do-able. When I had a big bump I thought it was a fluke and it took a couple of similar efforts to internalize it wasn’t.
  • Cooling! Your power output was already high, so you are probably prepared already. The info I’ve seen is the body is ~20% efficient in terms of converting chemical energy (kCal) to mechanical energy (kJ.). At 400w you’re basically a 1600-2000w room heater. Time to upgrade that A/C!

Keep us updated with how quickly you burn through trainers. :rofl:


I can attest to this. My 5500btu window AC gets easily overpowered by my body heat during longer SS :slight_smile:


Isn’t it more the case that you’re losing fitness but in the short term you’re gaining freshness quicker? I’ve certainly had some great one off test and race results after a short time of little to no training, but they’re nearly always followed by a bit of a dip as I get back into regular training again and the fatigue ramps up.

Which in turn led to the ramp test overestimating his FTP (or he was tired and it was underestimated it before).

Just thought I would spell it out.

Ah, the good old Kickr Snap.

Do you use a power meter outdoors at all?