What workouts to fill empty (accidental) week between Build & Specialty?

It turns out my beautifully planned training season was not quite so perfectly scheduled and I’ve accidentally put a free week between General Build (Mid Volume) and Criterium Speciality (Mid Volume).

Strangely… this “empty” week has Tour de Nez +2 scheduled on Tuesday and Palisade on Thursday and I have a C race coming up this Sunday (a 40 minute criterium).

My question is: what would be the best workouts to fill this limbo week to make sure I don’t lose any fitness from build while making sure I have fresh enough legs execute on my ramp text next Tuesday?

I thought about moving the whole specialty phase up a week but that will give me a “limbo” week the week of my A race which I’d prefer not to do. Part of me just wants to attempt Tour de Nez +2 but it looks absolutely horrible so I’m open to suggesitons :sweat_smile:.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Move speciality up knowing life will happen imo.

If I was in the extra week dilemma I would repeat my last hard week if I’m feeling baller or double up on recovery/taper weeks if I am less than baller. Should the above not be an option

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