TrainerRoad twice per week

Does anyone here use TR just twice a week?

I managed to use an LV plan for in January to April last year during lockdown to take my FTP from 301W to 369W. I was also riding zone 2 outside on three other days, so I was training 6 days per week. I didn’t train for the rest of the year and just rode my bike feeling fairly fit.

That fitness has now declined and I’ve put on some weight which I need to lose. I want to focus two sessions a week on strength training because this is an area in which I feel I could really benefit. I will also ride a couple of times a week outside which will be unstructured. This effectively leaves me with two 1 hour slots to do some structured training. I have no real goal event. I just want to be fit and healthy.

Would it be best to use plan builder but omit one ride per week, or would it be better to use Trainnow and just accept the recommended workouts?

I would use TrainNow and pick whichever option suits you best that day.

Don’t overthink it. Good luck🤘


I use a LV training plan with two 1 Hour TR sessions during the week and a long outdoor ride on the weekend where I work on things that you just can’t do inside like 6 hours in the saddle, 6 mile hill climbs, gravel specific tasks like picking a line on a rutted section of double track, and general bike handling. My weekly TSS always exceeds the TR target.

All that said I do have three benchmark events I’m targeting, so there’s that.

I use LV plans and ride outside like you. I sometimes follow the workout when outside and I may or may not link the outside workout to the TR planned workout in order to keep the AT progressing. I only do it this way as I am interested in how AT works technically. Otherwise I would just TrainNow as it uses AT in the background anyway… I also don’t overthink it as I have no real events planned and am just keeping in shape for now


I think either way will work. Only issue is TN doesn’t give you recovery weeks, so you have to plan them yourself. Otherwise, I do something similar.

I ride about 20 hours a week. I do 2-3 workout sessions with TR, but everything else is my own thing (mostly Z2).

I’m impressed. Ouch!

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I agree. I use LV and ride MTB on Sunday for about 3-4 hours. I rescheduled the days as:

However, sometimes I skip the Friday session, sometimes I add in additional endurance via TR, and of course life gets in the way so sometimes things get shuffled a bit. I also try and sprinkle in various strength stuff throughout the week too. But it all seems to work.

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Daily commuter, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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Just done something similar…
Setup LV training plan of 3 sessions a week, then delete 1 off the scheduled workouts.

I’ve replaced 1 weekend workout with my outdoor club rides with mates…unstructured though.

So each week I do 2 TR workouts and 1 outdoor unstructured ride.

For those that are doing plans with 2 TR workouts a week: does adaptive training keep up with that? Or does it get confused by deleting one of the workouts?