What workout did you do today? (2020, part 1)

Wright Peak -2. Took a while to get warmed up today, so that first set felt harder than the rest. Once I settled in, this one was great. Trainer dropped out with three minutes left in the final interval, but it snapped back after a few seconds. Not sure what happened.

Watched Sucker Punch on Hulu for entertainment. Looking forward to next week.


I was going out for a 40 mile gravel trail ride and notice the only rain in the region/week was menacing the trail. So I did Beech instead. I’m not in a rule #9 frame of mind today of late.! This is supplemental to the first week of Sweet Spot Base LV1. Add and feel like a hero miss or skip a workout and feel like a zero! beech_20200419-141851|474x500


And listened to the pod cast to keep me occupied. What happened on Beers with Chad? :thinking:


Did this as part of IronmanVR3 today. 22W lower than what I held for nearly twice the duration three weeks ago, but getting sick will do that to you, I guess. Also had a couple treadmill runs of 1.5k and 5k to go with this.



So that wasn’t too bad considering the +10W bump - I felt my legs a bit during the warmup, but once I was into the work, it was ok. Not easy, but ok.


Easy ride outside today. FTP test tomorrow so already stressing about it. I will be live streaming it if anyone is interested in watching :slight_smile:


Mokelumne +1

Really enjoyed this workout today.


About 2:20 with one quick stop for 40 miles outside on a bluebird day here in NJ.

Been doing 40 milers on Sundays which is about 2:15 - 2:25 saddle time. Am ready to kick it up a notch to 3 hours.

Hope y’all have a good upcoming week.



Yeah if your “FTP” is on the workouts are hard and you need to will yourself through them, but they are doable!

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Nice Sunday stroll.

For those following the duck saga, yesterday I woke up to this:

Not sure what happened, but we do live near a creek and have raccoons and skunks and possums coming thru the yard in the middle of the night…


Monadnock +4.

After 4 weeks of SPBMV my FTP is up 21 watts. The first workout of week 6 requires 6x3 minutes at 122%. I could barely hang at about 115% with 5 second backpedaling in the middle. #fml


Recovery week started, yaaaay!

Unlike last time, I’m really looking forward to this week of nice, easy rides, and then hammering it again next week with build.
Bring it on.



Colossally frustrating weekend. Stellar weather in western Norway so tried to do a nice long ride on Saturday, had to turn around early because my knee had apparently not recovered from the idiotic run up a hill I did on Wednesday. Spent Sunday inside limping around the house, skipped the ramp test.

Andrews was a sprint-less replacement for the Cheaha I skipped on Saturday. Felt good. Somehow the knee felt better after I got off the bike than before I got on. I’m going to start SSB2MV as planned tomorrow, and maybe ramp on Thursday.


So happy! I got e new FTP assessment. Honestly, after a quite lousy “mid-volume” Build phase, I didn’t expect more than the old FTP attestation.


Pioneer yesterday, followed by brick run. Felt great, maybe a little too handy, might be due a retest. Run was great as well, much looser and more comfortable. Actually felt like I was running smoothly instead of fighting it for a change.


3x20@97%. During the first interval the TR has frozen so I needed to restart an app. The last interval I went on feel to check where I am during this threshold block - went 10W over current FTP without any issues so now I know better where to aim during next week FTP test.


Top tip: 2 slices of toast at 8am is not fuelling your midday VO2 Interval workout.


Spiral of death got me on interval 3, died again on interval 5, somehow did okay on interval 6.

“You only have yourself to blame” :sweat_smile:


Had Eclipse on the schedule for yesterday.

Did a 15 mile easy run Saturday (+ Mt. Albert that night) and a 13 mile “easy” run Sunday afternoon right before Eclipse and I remembered what wrecked legs feel like… Cadence fell down to 85 range and it was a slog…but survived :+1:


Recovery week of my recovery plan - I’ve added running into the mix, doing slow easy Z2 runs, increasing duration slowly. I’ll maintain 3x runs + 3x easy trainer spins for a few weeks, let’s see where we go after that.

Loved those form sprints - there isn’t a lot of this very high cadence work in TR that the Tacx workouts sprinkled everywhere.


Ramp Test

After two weeks taking it easy and light spinning with my knee injuries, around a hundred TSS per week I dropped my FTP by 5% for this Ramp test. Was only a few watts out, so back to base and a restart of the plan. It’s just nice to be able to start some structure again and sit here typing this with after doing 55 minutes on the trainer with no knee pain :slight_smile:
Note to self: No matter how much you enjoy and miss running don’t do it again, those days of football, squash and running are over…you knees aren’t going to get any better :face_with_raised_eyebrow: