What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

Welcome to the daily workout thread for the new year and decade.

This continues the idea from the prior 2020, part 1 thread.

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Swim practice.
Bunch of drills. (catch ups, single arm, fingers drags), 8 25s sprints…
Then a run wo 40 minutes total with 18x 30 on (mid 5’s most of them), 30 off (mid 8’ most of them).

Tomorrow will be a huge pain… McAdie and 50 min run…
I am not looking fwd to this!


Palisade. https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/rides/84363732-palisade I probably could have lifted my FTP by 1-2% without problem or done another couple of sets. Last time I did it (December) my notes indicate I was flagging by the last set.


Hunter Allen Hybrid Ramp Test, ya’ll! Like every ramp test I’ve done, ever, 5 minutes after it was done I was sure I could have gone another 30 seconds.



Weight lifting on Monday:

5x7-min tempo on Tuesday:

felt hotter than it was


Is this a custom wo or on the TR lib?

Looks very painful.

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It’s a custom workout based on guidance from a mentor & listening to Hunter Allen talk about FTP testing. I put the workout in the Hour of Power FTP Challenge team workout repository.

Some discussion about the idea and why I use that ramp test:


Yesterday I did Mills after the kids were in bed. Went well, not much of a challenge, bumped it up to 103% for the last set, probably should have gone higher. Looking forward to the harder VO2 workouts.

Today’s schedule had Pettit on it, with 39 TSS and 0.63 IF. Often have a hard time sticking to this one. Did 139 TSS with 0.81 IF instead. “Good job, dummy, that’s not even close.” :man_facepalming: The second stretch of 23min did get me spot #2 on a 16.8km TT segment at least (the first five minutes I told myself I’d stick to 230-240, then I caved). Sometimes you just have to ride and have fun. Schedule tomorrow is Darwin.


Bashful +6

First set stuck to around 105rpm for intervals… last two sets stuck to 100rpm. All doable, some burn towards end of last ones but nice to do a workout where I’m not in a mental battle of dangling carrots at myself.
Finished with a nice spin out at the end, hit level 47 on Zwift, all good.


Pleased with this up from 277 to 290.
In fact super :blush: happy.


And then this after the ramp test to ease some work in… :joy: Spot where I had issues with the indexing…


As the story goes:

You will be pleased, till you do your next Vo2Max OR Sweet Spot wo!


i was thinking exactly that as i started out on Homers Nose straight after. :slight_smile:


1H15 Threshold TiZ28, 2 sets of 2x 7 minutes ~ 98%

^ That was yesterday

20 minute Foundation Run and.
1H30 Sweet-Spot TiZ40, 4x 10 minutes ~92%


Today I had online dance lessons, I’ve been dancing for 9 years and continue to do this. :grin:


First day at the new FTP after a nearly 20% bump. Chose this work out randomly thinking it would be one of the easier sweet spot workouts… boy was I wrong. Thought of bailing midway through the first interval. Stuck with it as long as I could. Had to bump it down 20% on the last interval just to make it through.

I think I need to ease into this new FTP a bit. :cold_sweat:

Also, usually my distance on these hour long sweet spot workouts are 15+ miles on Strava. This one ended up only being 12 miles despite being the highest avg power I’ve ever put out. Why would that be?


Weight lifting. On Friday it’s time to record with chest strap and compare to the Apple Watch. I suspect the wrist tension from holding weights is causing the AW to record low. Just curious, not using HR for any load metrics.


Budawang +3:

BAM. I felt terrible going into this, woke up early and hot, felt tired and sore and fat, warmup was miserable, but I did the first interval and it was ok, and then did the second and it was also fine, and then was feeling pretty snazzy by the third and literally dancing to my playlist by the fourth. (Incidentally, this is why listen to your body is very difficult advice for me to grok :laughing:) Felt great to crush this after struggle-busing on Tuesday.


“Distance” in a TrainerRoad workout is “how many times did your rear wheel complete one revolution”. If you do your workouts in Erg mode, that’s a function of time, cadence, and gearing, and nothing else. High cadence/ hard gear means more revolutions; low cadence/easy gear means fewer revolutions. Power is not part of the equation. (But search the forums a bit for your question, I remember seeing better explanations elsewhere :sweat_smile:)


You made it through :+1:

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You did bump it down by 20% on the last interval but as @ellotheth has said you haven’t really moved. Think most people ignore the distance calc/record thing and base it on (trainer) time,

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