What workout did you do today? (2020, part 1)

Cadence was an issue for me early on. However I adapted super quickly. Best of luck

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Rode from Metro Memphis to the Farm and found some AMAZING ROLLERS!!! Slight headwind the whole way east, but stoked that it was dry and sunny!!!

Instagram details: @BrendanHousler


Try changing your training up. If you have doing a Crit plan change to sustain power build or TT plan
It might give you a new outlook on your training

Thanks, @DazzaW1 - Its a good time to be thinking about my training (probably similar for us all with events cancelled).
A bit of context for info and your general amusement: I am probably know my strengths (1min and 5min power, although its a guess) and I am busy trying to turn myself into something completely different (24 hour time trialler, audaxer and endurance racer)!
Given I am probably racing at 65-80% FTP, I’m intending to do a block of SSB1, but modified to add in some more long-distance in place of one of the sweetspot workouts.
I’ll maybe start a separate thread…




was quite an epic for sure! Nice work.

Galena was scheduled, but I did Galena +1 instead:

Kept the intensity up near Sweet Spot in the rest intervals just to see how it would go… a bunch of all time PRs was the result :grin:

My 1hr power is 238W now; when I started with TR in March 2018 I was at 135W for the same duration! I am definitely faster!

Sundays I usually follow up with Baxter +2 in these locked down times, but all I could manage was some of vanilla Baxter:


rain today. got in a steady endurance row this morning (50% 2k power). will get in 2hrs zone 2 on the trainer this afternoon.

edit: the rain held off. got in some road miles



72‘ Sweet Spot Minutes
8x 9‘


After my first bout of SS (Carson) in forever today this looks absolutely horrific, and it’s a -1 variation!

Good job.


Just over 3 hours zone 2 in the sun in the UK - cool and quite breezy but virtually no traffic. Back to work next week…kind of well no teaching - just login to the school hub on a daily basis …I wonder what exciting things they can come up for me to do from my front room bar setting Physics work for our y9 students which I appear to have been allocated! :laughing:


Week 1 of my personalised SSBMV2 done. I’m glad to get this one under my belt, as it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve spent 2 hours on the trainer. Interested to see if I make any gains on this second run through…


Well if it is physics then sure watch you on Trainerroad or Zwift will be the perfect lesson. Outdoor physics v virtual physics :grinning:. See Anyone using RGT Cycling, thoughts?

Working my way up to Washington +4 which so far I’ve yet to complete!


Staying focused on the weekends. I did have a Threshold workout scheduled but I decided early on that I wasn’t up for it. This ended up being a high TSS week for me, (some junk miles for sure), but an Anaerobic effort yesterday - so I’m glad to just get on the trainer for the second day in a row and knock something out that felt effective for moving the needle.

Antelope -5, fueled with a 300 calorie bottle of Tailwind.


TR this morning
Then a swim this afternoon 1500m


Galena. This is my jam! For some odd reason I love that pain that comes from spending long periods of time just under ftp.


Fletcher for me today:

Done with the rest week of SSB low volume I (been doing an extra ride or two for the last three weeks or so to start increasing volume). Stepping up to mid volume for SSBII. Wish me luck!


Today’s training was a doing 30 minute blocks of low cadence muscle endurance working on the mid engine legs bust at the end. Nailed it the last lap or effort was a fight of will power but still hit the target I set myself of 250 with 251 when I was fatigued so a good effort after 2 hours. Laps 1 and 2 averaged 257 and 253 and lap 2 included a down hill section just to make things harder

On the whole efforts extremely smooth


check out my cadance - the last 2x9 i fighted to survive