What type of training should I do if I have been off my bike for a month

I have been off my bike for a month and eager to get back training. How should I start back ? What type of workouts should I focus on for the first few days?

Many will tell you to do a FTP test and then just use Plan Builder and go from there.

Personally, after some extended time off, I prefer to just do some endurance rides with a bit of tempo tossed in as I feel like.

There is no right or wrong, just what appeals to you or works for you. As long as you are back riding, you will start gaining fitness back.


Appreciate your feedback! That is exactly my thought as well. Thanks for the confirmation !

Hey @Howsang,

Looking at your calendar, I can see that you had been off the bike for about three weeks before your last ride. This is a good end-of-season “reset” that caps off your training and your recent A race well.

Do you have any events planned for your 2024 season? If so, I’d plug those into your calendar and use Plan Builder to get things fleshed out for the next few months.

As @Power13 mentioned, it’s probably best to start with some Base training, which is likely what Plan Builder will give you unless you have any other events coming up.

Given the small amount of time you’ve had off the bike, you shouldn’t need to take a fitness assessment. AI FTP Detection should do a great job of monitoring your progress and making any adjustments needed.

I’d recommend using this time to also reflect on your 2023 season and think about your goals for the future. Enjoy this time and the process! :sparkles:

Just shout if you have any other questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many thanks and super helpful! I look forward to planning my 2024 season and doing the journey with TR! Thanks again.

Howard Sangwine

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When I was off my bike for 3 hours because of my broken arm, I wlked around 5-6 km daily and that helped me a lot to get back on track easier.