Missed 3 weeks. (I have an excuse!) Advice please

After using TR for a year I retested around Oct and started base training again. First 6 weeks went great and saw FTP improvement. I was on week 3 of second block of base training, but…

I haven’t been on bike since 1st Dec…due to not feeling great + prepping for job interview (which I got :wink:)

Should I…

A. Jump back in where I left off.
B. Retest then jump back in where I left off.
C. Retest and go back to week 1.
D. Hang my head in shame and sell the bikes?

Any advice gratefully received…this is the longest I’ve been off bike for ages…



You need a retest no matter what.

If you have time to fit it in, C makes the most sense. 3 weeks off is a huge loss in fitness. Best to prime the tank with a full base if you can.


Congrats on the job!

As @mcneese.chad said, just retest and go back to week 1.


I would say D imagine how your bike felt being abandoned like that.

Seriously i would as Chad said Retest and start back at week 1 of the second block. if that is not the case i would drop your FTP by 15 or 20 and repeat the last week you did to see how things go. you can self adjust the intensity as needed until the next test. you most likely lost some top end fitness so VO2 are going to hurt and maybe a little endurance. Congrats on the new job.

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Thanks for replies. I’ll start C on 27th…as I’m doing a 10TT tomorrow…maybe not best prep for that then is it :see_no_evil:…however even with no training last 3 weeks i’m definitely fitter than this time last year…

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Looks like your question was answered pretty well by the community here :slight_smile:

If you’re intested in reading into this a bit further, we have an article designed to answer this exact question:

Happy Training!


Thanks for the link @Bryce. I forgot about that article, and I like linking those when appropriate. :smiley:

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Im in a similar situation, started SSB lV2 then got sick/ work related difficulties put me off for two weeks or so. Im going to ramp test tomorrow morning and likely start ssb2 over unless i didnt lose too much, in which case ill just stretch it out and pick up where i left off.

Ramp test this morning went as expected. Power dropped roughly 2%. Not terrible at all and I could feel that my legs had more gas left but my heart and lungs were already done. I am starting SSB2 over from the start because why not?

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