Forced Time Off - Where to Rejoin

Hi All

Unfortunately I have had to take some forced time off a plan I started a few weeks ago due to a family issue. I took two weeks off all cycling.

Basically, where should I rejoin? Should I just miss the two weeks I should have done or just push my plan two weeks on?

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I’d say that unless you have a target event, just push it back… That’s what I would do anyway! Personally I wouldn’t want to jump in to the plan where the weekly TSS has already started to increase

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Thanks. I don’t have any target at the moment so I suppose it’s not going to cause any issues pushing it back.

2020 is the year of the restart. Nothing’s happening; just reschedule everything and start again.

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So when you say reschedule everything, how do you mean that exactly? I’m having a similar issues (potential COVID + acute sciatica means I haven’t been on a bike in nearly a week).

Let’s say you were partway through a training block when life forced you off the bike/trainer, say week 3 of build. Would you then ramp/assess FTP and reset to the beginning of the block? Would you start the entire training program over? Something else?

How would you go about doing one of the above with Plan Builder?

100%. its useless putting pressure on yourself at this point, start from square 1 and enjoy


That’s a good question Max.

I was only 3 weeks into a new plan so for me I’m just going to restart to be honest but if I was further I suppose going back to the start of the block would make sense.

I am going to have one more week off full training as I’ve got a few things to do but next week I can at least get some easy commute miles in which will be nice.

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Easing back in sounds good. I’m considering following suit and just going restarting the whole plan at this point given the state of 2020 (and that my consistency and compliance were, shall we say, suboptimal).

All the best through your family stuff, I’m sure that’s challenging and stressful.

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Yes I would retest and start from scratch; at least within that block. Personally though, I would definitely just go back to Base. You could always just carry on, but why? 3 weeks off is enough to lose fitness and is probably longer than a lot of cyclists end of season break. You will likely struggle with the workouts and achieve an underwhelming result on your next test going in to Specialty.

2020 is a unique opportunity to redo these things or play with different formulas. Want to run? Go for it. Get in to lifting? Sure. Try traditional base? Amen. Restart a training plan after a setback as there are no races in sight? Yessir.