What type of rider would you classify yourself as?

In lieu of the triathlon stuff that’s come up recently, I’m curious what the split is between roadies, triathletes, mtb there are, or however you would classify yourself. If you do more than 1, choose the one you prioritize most. Just curious what the split is.

  • Road
  • Mountain Bike
  • Triathlon
  • Cross
  • Other

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Sprinter and Time Trialist
I can get over rolling terrain and have a sprint. And I enjoy the purity of a TT

I realize there are a lot of subsets within each category, like you mentioned robcumine, but this poll could easily get out of hand getting into all the details of each category.

For those who answered other, what are they? BMX? Track?

Gravel is a big one. (And the reason I picked “Other”)


Chad is there a way to add to the poll?

Good question. I haven’t looked in to that. I will see what I can learn.

I popped in and attempted an edit. It fails with a message that a poll can’t be changed after 5 minutes.

Why isn’t ‘slow’ an option??


Or lazy…


Normally triathlete; this season pure roadie (crit/road race).

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I’m surprised it’s mostly us roadies here. Thought there would be a greater showing for mountain bikers.

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Despite gains in knowledge over the years, I still get the impression that many MTB racers take a more “casual” approach to riding and training. It may be a continued image that I knew when I started in the MTB world 25 years ago and “roadies” along with any of their habits were frowned upon by MTB riders. If true, I think that explains some of the offset in distribution.

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I am actually surprised as well. I got more likes and replies on my post about doing more mtb topics on the podcast than the number of mtb responses here.

And how come there are 348 views and only 110 votes!

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Primarily a roadie (90% of my time this year, probably 70% at others)
Also a mountain biker (but not very good)
Dabbled in tri, one road and one off road tri
Never tried cross (yet), not sure there are any events here
Other - gravel I’m just starting but enjoying

According to Veloviewer this year I’ve spent 52h outside on my MTB and 47.3h outside on my Roadbike, which I’ve bought in may. I clicked Roadie but have second thoughts now…

I selected Other. Fundamentally, I’m a recreational cyclist rather than a racer, but I over the last couple of years I’ve ridden TTs and the odd 'cross race.

I did ‘Other’ as well since I do road, gravel, MTB, and duathlons, all in the same season.

You can go back and change it by clicking hide results.

BMXer at heart, but it’s been all triathlon this year.

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