What Type of Rider am I

Does the Ramp test tell you potentialy what type of drive you are simulator to the “ 4DP test “? I would like to know am i more of a GC, Climber, Sprinter, etc. type of rider so I can Taylor my training to that.

More importantly, what type of rider do you want to be? What type of events do you want to ride?

The answers to those questions are far more important that what your strengths are right now.


I would love to be a great climber. I just don’t know how to test for that to see if I have the correct muscle fibers ( quick or slow ). I know you can train for anything but I think genetics can play a great role in how good you really are.

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IMO the power test/muscle fiber type plays a very small role (2-3%) in being a great climber compared to consistent training for the types of climbing you want to do and focusing on body composition. For the most part, training and dedication > genetics up until the absolute highest levels of the sport.


True dat.
Over the course of my cycling career I’ve gone from climber to sprinter to TTer.

Maybe that’s just a muscular thing which comes with age, but you can definitely train (very hard) to morph yourself into any kind of rider – within reason.

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Thank you to everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated. I’ll focus on climbing. I’m up for the challenge… lol

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My 2 cents. Don’t worry about whether you’re a sprinter or climber. More than likely you’re not anything but pack fodder. Welcome!!..We ARE the 99%.

I’m not even at 3.0 w/kg. Race in the B pack and all I do is chase down breaks that would never stick, “sprint” (lol, what?) like the fatass that I am-for 17th place (safely), and typically try to have a lot of the fun from racing by talking shit to everyone else. I talk the entire time, old habit from playground basketball I guess (and I sucked at that too).

Every once in a while, I’ll just attack for no reason. Mash out about 500 watt surges at head scratching times…and then giggle when I’m caught. Drift to the back to recover, rinse and repeat. Find your own joy, hint; It’s not calling yourself “roluer” or being a “sprinter” or “climber”.

Keep training. Keep racing.

Enjoy the ride.


LOL … The visual brings a smile.

This! Train for what you want to do and enjoy doing, not what your current capabilities are


I would agree with some of the other comments on here already.

There is a podcast attached to the TR article below that dives into this. At some level there are genetic differences that can make or break specific riders. However, look at Geraint Thomas transitioning from the Track to a GC. The type of rider that you “are” largely depends on the type of rider you want to “be”. If you want to be a climber than take the route of sustained power and climbing RR specialty and focus on body composition (W/Kg) to be light for climbs. If you want to be a sprinter than train your sprint. You cannot be everything but I would say choose the type of rider you want to be and train that area.


Answering your original question: no, the ramp test won’t tell you what type of rider you are. Your strengths are borne out by your power profile, e.g. you’re able to maintain a relatively high W/kg for a long time, you’re probably a good TTer or climber. Strictly speaking, what your FTP is isn’t going to tell you how good or bad you are at sprinting or racing a crit or climbing relative to anything else. As others have said, what do you want to be good at?

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Thanks but no thanks I was looking for actual info

Yep makes a lot of sense. That’s what I’ll do. It will probably a lot enjoyable.

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate the advice. I am around 155lbs would like to be 150lbs. With proper training I will get there. My diet is good, I am plant based vegan so I don’t eat any junk. I just need to work harder and it will payoff.
Thanks again

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Happy to help! Best of luck with the training! Sustained Power Build was addressing one of my weaknesses and it was rough for me personally but it also had some of the best benefits to my riding ability :sweat_smile:

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That’s awesome, I’m looking forward to it.
Thanks again God Bless

I want to ride a bike like Peter Sagan. I haven’t found a Coggan chart or one shred of data that indicates I’ll ever be able to do it. At any level. :neutral_face:

Golden rule.

Not with THAT attitude you won’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d love to be good at climbing, but at over 255 lbs. it’s just the bane of every ride I go out on. I figure if I can get down to around 210-200 lbs I will be good at pretty much anything on the bike. I bet my watt/kg would almost double lol /dreams.on… /sigh… I am having major motivation issues with TrainerRoad… I just can’t see to stick with it more than a week or so…