What training plan during race season?

I’m sure this will have been discussed previously but i couldn’t quite find what i’m after.

I live in the UK and my racing season will commence from June through to August (roughly). I will be completing my specialty plan in the lead up to my first race of the year in June but i’m wondering what Training Plans people choose to run with during the actual racing season (and then tweak accordingly) ?


Ideally you wouldn’t peak for your first event of the season. If you don’t have a specific A race but rather a race season, then you would peak somewhere near the later middle of the season and try to maintain that peak performance through the remainder of your races.

I would choose an A race and then build your calendar of training backwards from that event. You can train and be successful racing while going through the build phase or midway through specialty phase. You would just need to taper the week of the race to keep your fatigue in check, depending on how important that race is to you. If you have multiple races after your A race, simply repeat weeks of your specialty to extend your “peak” fitness.


+1 on this! Unless your first race is your primary objective you’re going to have a hard time maintaining your fitness for your entire three month race season


Agreed with all above. I think the best approach is to aim for the start of your Specialty at the start of your race season. You can continue to sharpen for 8 weeks. Consider extending by repeating some combo of the final 4 weeks of Specialty as needed.


What would you do then when you make that decision well into your build phase? Repeat the last few weeks of build to delay the onset of specialty?

How much time do you need to stretch?