What Training plan between 'A' races

Sorry if this has already been asked - if so happy just for pointers to existing answers…

Anyhow my question is I’m just coming to the end of base/build/specialty plan for my ‘A’ event in a weeks time. After that though, I want to target another priority/A event about 6 week after that. Also as racing is now back in full swing here there’s racign every weekend between now and then - and of those weekends I’d probably like to pick 2 out of 5 as a B priority, or at least ones to try hard on.

So what part of the structured plans should I fall back to after first A race is over? Obv not enought time to complete a full phase/block, and not sure if should be staying in ths speciality phase or back to a build - or combination. With midweek club ‘c’ racing going on aswell, just looking some guidance how to still keep on track and fresh for that 2nd ‘A’/priority race 6 weeks away and not get burnt out with overloading training and lower priority racing.

any advice much appreciated…

Not a racer but maybe the speciatly time crunched or HIT maintenance plan Low volume combined with your weekly racing.

Some of the specialty plans will say something like, “repeat the final week over and over to extend your racing season”. And there’s also this big text blob on maintaining fitness in all the speciality plans I looked at:

Maintaining fitness requires remarkably less time and effort than what it took to establish that fitness. Maintenance of your aerobic endurance takes a long ride (3-5 hours, whatever’s long to you) every couple of weeks, your strength endurance (efforts close to your FTP) can be maintained with a single weekly workout, and work done above FTP once a week is sufficient when it comes to keeping your upper end at its height.

Thanks both of you…

Thats a very helpful snippet @gcarver - just the confirmation I was looking for!..