What to do with a plan if you skip workouts?

I’ve been doing a low volume plan for a few months and been moving my workouts around within a week with no issue. If I end up skipping a workout or two in a week due to travel, how will the plan adjust? Would I just not do say an interval workout that was scheduled on a certain week and move to the next endurance phase scheduled? Seems this might not be most productive?

Make sure you have Adaptive Training activated and let it do its thing. One or two missed workouts don’t make or break a training plan; it’s more beneficial to stick to the overall structure of the plan.


so, what happens when a workout is skipped? will AT re-shuffle for the next one automatically?

It will usually drop the next planned workout at the least, which sometimes gives a repeat of the skipped one.

Right Click


“What workout?”

Don’t do that

I know. You could possibly get more rest and who wants that when doing another workout might be THE ONE that allows you to beat that PR up the Sheep Shit Mountain Pass Strava segment?

Other consequences; You’re less likely to get laid. Lose out on Pro contract, family starves. Less TSS for the week and your buddies will see how pitiful you truly are. Might get passed over for that shift supervisor position at work by the total Chad Marcus…ugh Marcus NEVER skips a workout. Probably gets laid more too. Someday somewhere someone anyone will ask to see your training calendar and how could they respect you as a human being if there’s a blank spot where Tistey -2 should have been completed?


My posts were/are sarcastic. I’ll bounce and let the serious discussion commence…