Manually adjusting TR plans and effect on adaptive training

If I only do 2 of the 3 weekly workouts and move them around, e.g. do the 3rd workout in place of the 2nd workout and skipping the second workout completely, will AT still be able to function properly?

Generally speaking, skipping a specific workout (for a given Progression Level) will lead to AT down-adjusting the workout of the same PL in the following week.

Essentially, AT sets up with the basic assumption of doing a slightly higher PL workout each week. If you skip one, AT resets to give you the same or similar workout in order to keep pointed towards the overall training goal.

The “properly” question depends on what you expect from AT if you repeatedly skip 1 workout per week. The workout skipped might be shuffled or selected based on whatever is your more important focus.

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Thanks for pinpointing the issue @mcneese.chad .

Basically I’m looking at the training plan and it has over-under workouts scheduled for every Friday, I’d like to do those workouts on Wednesday as I think it’s more beneficial for my goals of riding in a paceline effectively. So I would be doing the Monday workout, then moving the Friday workout up to Wednesday, and skip the Wednesday workout completely. In place of the third workout I will be doing a local drop ride in my area.

Yeah, that can work. If you are always making that swap for the days, you can actually just edit your Plan Builder to have that day/workout setup so you don’t have to swap manually every week.

Oh nice, I didn’t know I could do that. Thanks Chad.

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See Step 6 for reference: