AT and missed workouts

I’m working my way through a rolling road race plan and have been making some good improvements. My wife and I just had twins so time and energy have become scarce. I’m able to get my workouts in when I can but am falling behind in the schedule, currently four workouts behind. I’m wondering, with AT, if it’s better to go back and stay on top of the missed workouts, continuing the plan in order until I can catch back up or should I just continue on with the scheduled workout of the day leaving the missed ones behind? Thanks!

Hey Joe,

when you miss workouts with Adaptive Training your upcoming workouts are adjusted in response. So the best practice is to do whatever workout you’re scheduled for on a particular day! There’s no need to make your own adjustments or to go back and redo something you missed.

Thanks for clearing that up for me! I’ve been stressing over trying to catch up, so glad to hear I can just push on. Thanks, you guys are great!

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