What to do next after a slow return to training?

So, last July my daughter was born (first child for me), and so I took a big break from regular training. Beginning of November I decided to get back to some structured training and started SSBLV1. I went into it with the goal of getting on the bike regularly and dropping some weight, as I had reached a lifetime high on the bathroom scale. I skipped setting an FTP or Watts/kg goal because I didn’t want to drive myself nuts with chasing a specific number when I knew just finding time to get on the bike would be tough.

Fast forward to today, I’m just about to finish the workouts in SSBLV1. I wasn’t at all consistent in terms of getting 3 workouts in a week. Sometimes I did, but some weeks 1 workout was all I could muster. Nonetheless, I kept cranking through the workouts and here I am about to finish all the workouts in SSBLV1 in a week or two.

My question is this: what do I do next?

As my daughter approaches 6 months, and my wife and I have found our stride a little bit, I find I’m having more success with consistent training, as long as the volume is low. The 45 minute versions of some workouts have been great, and still some days I have time for 60 minutes or 75. I’ve dropped about 10 pounds and am back in a normal (for me) range. I’d like to keep the forward progress going.

Is my best bet to just plow right into SSBLV2 next? I know I took way longer to complete SSBLV1 than was planned, and probably missed a lot (maybe all) of the progression that’s built in from week to week. Does that suggest I’d be better off repeating SSBLV1 but with more consistency?

As far as goals, at this point I want to continue dropping weight, which my wife and I are working on in the kitchen already. I’d also like to not get spit out the back of every “no drop” shop ride in the rolling hills of my neighborhood. In June I will ride a 60 mile rondo for fun with a lot of climbing. I’d like to finish that ride without being completely miserable at any point in the ride.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

If you want to get value out of it do some of the time crunched work. Consistency is #1. Durdling your way through a plan taking 3 times it’s intended pacing isn’t going to progress you much.

Build consistency then build towards fitness.

Congratulations on the baby, enjoy the time with the little one. There is nothing wrong with repeating SSBLV or perhaps move to MV even if you have to skip a ride here and there. If you weren’t that consistent on SSBLV1 you’re going to find SSBV2 workouts pretty overwhelming. Consistency is the key, and sneaking in some VO2Max workouts will go a long way in building up your fitness.

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You completed SSB LV1. Your inconsistency should be reflected in your new FTP. You obviously handled the intensity of the rides to the end, if not always for the entire assigned duration.

I’d move on to SSB LV 2. It’s possible you may need to turn down some VO2 Max intervals a bit to start, but I just don’t see the sense in repeating SSB LV1.

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