What to do in-beween training blocks to not lose FTP?

Just finished SSB1 mid volume (this week = rest week), and want to continue SSB2 mid volume. But, Christmas (3 days) was full of drinking (4-6 drinks a day), different sleep rhythm, and different eating. Not bad quality eating, but more eating than usual (still getting my veggies, carbs, protein, and fruits).

But… New Year’s Eve is on the corner. So if I start SSB2 MV straight away I will do FTP test on 31st, first training on 1st of January, probably after another round of alcohol, bad sleep, worse eating.

Is that necessarily a bad beginning of a new training block?
Is it better to do something else this week and postpone starting SSB2 MV one week?

Just start your next training block. There’s no need to train for your training.



My point is more… how strongly will not being top-fit be when I start now over the course of the whole block (I am probably fine hanging in at the beginning when I am not 100% fit due to holidays and what not).

Don’t worry about it. Just accept that if the numbers are down and the RPE is higher then know it was down to poor food choices and alcohol.
FWIW it happens to me every year and I call it “Christmas legs”


Thanks! I’ll suffer through it then. Pain is just speed leaving the body, I keep telling myself anyway.

“Being there” multiple times helps your perspective. Accept it enjoy not giving your 100% for a couple weeks. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll take a 2 weeks break every summer and drop some fitness. I’ve come back stronger (within few months of getting back to training ofcourse) every time so I don’t feel regret or guilt about it anymore.

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No, I understood your point. But let’s say you felt your holiday indulgences have negatively affected your fitness*. Let’s say you were so worried about this lack of fitness that you would get a poor performance on the next Ramp Test, what would you do about it? You’d have do put in a week or two of training efforts to regain your perceived loss. Then you do your ramp test and get a great score. Fantastic, just as well I did that mini training camp!

Ok, what about the alternative. You just do the ramp test now and you get a good read on where your fitness is at. Could be up, could be down, might be the same. Then your training block is dialed into the fitness that you have and you go on your way. The training then increases your fitness and you improve. Happy days.

Both approaches are essentially the same, except the one where you test now has your training tuned to your fitness. The other version is you doing some hard efforts in the dark. You don’t need to train to train. In fact, you’re more likely to do efforts outside your ideal training zones if you do.

(*) As a side note, the timeframe is pretty short and fitness from base training is retained the longest, so most likely you won’t have lost very much, if any.

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Thanks for all the replies. I started SSB2 MV today with the ramp test.

6 weeks ago, it recommended 186 (I upped it myself to 196 in between, because 186 was too easy). Now, it recommended 202. I upped my FTP to 205 (3 points more), because of the rough christmas week and my severe ramp test anxiety.

So in six weeks (loosely) from 186 to 202 (205) = +16 / +19. That’s pretty good, considering there is really not that much VO2max in SSB1 MV.

I must add I have been extremely rigid: wake up 6:30, weekends train at 8:00, during the week train at 16:00. Eat healthy always no single exception. No more than 3-4 alcohol consumptions, only Friday + Saturday (2-3 exceptions), always 7+ hours sleep at night, and always counting carbs + protein + supplements (iron, vit D, magnesium complex).

Love TrainerRoad, love this forum. Looking forward to the next six block!

Happy new years eve everybody.