Ramp test after SSB 1&2

This is purely humble brag but I think this group can appreciate more than most. After SSB1 and a 2 week vacation I did a ramp test with a little bit of jet lag and got a 203 ftp. Thought it was a little low so I started SSB2 at 210 and then raised it 1 watt every 2-3 workouts (experimenting on my part). By week 5 I was using a 218 FTP and on that Thursday’s workout I had to bail for the first time during these training blocks.
Finished off the week at a conservative 213 FTP as the legs felt cooked. Followed the rest week closely and this morning I had an FTP of 225!

That was about my peak last year (granted I had some sporadic spots) but definitely happy at the result and looking forward to the coming months.


STRONG WORK! Smart of you to keep nudging up the “FTP” on the workouts. I did that but kept a consistent 3% increase on all my SSBI intervals. After the ramp test before SSBII, guess what? I was up on my FTP by 3%… ha!

You’ve inspired me to keep nudging up that “FTP” number by feel. Thanks!

Bear in mind that I did feel that there were factors that put my previous test as low (like jetlag).

For this next phase I will likely not push ftp much unless it feels really easy. Goal is to finish the whole block as opposed to accumulating too much overall fatigue