What should the tapering week (week 8) from rolling road race mid volume look like

What should the tapering week (week 8) from rolling road race mid volume look like ?

I never did a taper before but I see that in some plans the final week are all achievable workouts lasting 30-45 mins whereas in others plans workouts are prodctive and with durations from 75-90 mins

Rolling road race

Climbing road race

1/3 the week-over-week training stress, maintain intensity, maintain frequency.

Standard tapering fare, but just the same my advice is use the taper you know works.

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Could you make a screenshot of mid volume rolling and climbing road race week 8?

Here are weeks 6-8 from my current plan, for context. Keep in mind that each person’s plan may look different as a result of Progression Levels.

If you have any doubt here, the best thing is to contact TR support so they can check the core info.


Same I get but for other plans it looks brutal. I made few changes in my plan before (switching volume a few times and probably something got stuck in my plan. Happened before when I suddenly started getting wrong workouts. I’ll contact support and for today just enjoy an easy 30 minutes of gendarme -6

I’m not doing a ‘Rolling Road Race’ plan but a ‘40km TT’ one my LV plan reduces the intensity of the midweek wo from Threshold to Endurance (although Ive been doing that all weeks). The duration of the final workout of the week reduces fron 1h:30 at the moment to 1h before the event,

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Hey there! Just wanted to chime in and say your taper is looking as we’d expect it to.

It seems like there may be a bug that’s popped up for certain Specialty block plans, so we’ll dig into that and get it fixed.

  • For clarity’s sake: this does not apply to Plan Builder plans – the issue only seems to affect select Specialty phase plans that one would have to manually add to their TR Calendar.

I wanted to change my volume from mid to low for a week and back to mid again but that messed everything up too. I tried deleting my plan and re-adding it but that didn’t work, so I added the workouts manually