Is pre-race week right?

I just want to check this with some experts to make sure it’s right…

I have a race in exactly 3 weeks. It is programmed in my training plan as an A race, climbing road, and 6 hours.

Here is how the training plan looks for the next 3 weeks leading up to it:

3 weeks out: Normal training plan

2 weeks out: a rest week (this is probably due to normal training the past 4 weeks)

1 week out: back to normal training with a VO2 Max workout on Monday, Anaerobic on Thusday, VO2 max again on Saturday, then openers on Sunday before the race on Monday.

I thought there might be more of a taper given it’s an A race, but maybe this is part of the master plan? Thanks for any insight.

That seems like a lot of VO2 max in the lead up to an event, but I guess every training plan is different.

Did you look at the durations of your workouts? The plan I just completed looked like it was giving me my standard anaerobic and endurance workouts on race week, but the duration of both was cut back to 30 minutes. I also had a reduced volume training week two weeks before my event.


Yes, the duration is the same as a normal week. The intensity workouts are 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 90 minutes each! They’re trying to kill me! Or optimally prime my legs…I’m not sure.

I’d contact TR support. I had an issue where the taper was totally off in a training plan earlier this year, which they fixed. As noted above I find TR often gives me VO2 or threshold-type effort during taper week, but it’s usually really short (like 30-45min) workouts so pretty limited total CTL.