Rolling Road Race plan

I’m currently closing in on the end of the Rolling Road Race MV plan.
Is it intentional that it tapers down on TSS?
I’m on the last 2 weeks now, last week was +1 exercises, this week almost the same exercises but not +1.
The last week is ofc recovery week.

Yep, the plan has two weeks of taper. From the Week 7 tips:

Time to dial things back and let any further fitness buried underneath your fatigue begin to rise to the surface. We’ll keep the intensity, cut the volume way back, and start to gradually taper things down to a bare minimum that finds you as fresh as possible in about 2 weeks’ time.

Both weekday interval workouts are trimmed down versions of what you saw last week aiming to keep your muscles and mind attuned to the intensity while reducing the overall training load in order to recover some freshness without sacrificing any fitness in the process.


Thanks, I didn’t remember the text from when I started :slight_smile:
That explains it.