What should I do next?

Ok first I would like to say I do not race, I am 42 yrs old and started road biking to better my health in April of 2017. I was 198 lbs with high blood pressure, my diet was crap and I did zero exercise. My doctor told me I need to start eating better and excercising to lower my blood pressure and weight or I was going to have to start taking medication. Fast forward 18 months, I love cycling, its a passion for me. I am now 148 lbs and my blood pressure is back to normal. So I decided I wanted to get stronger on the bike, did some research, bought a wahoo kickr and signed up for trainerroad. I ride the local trail system here in Florida and my normal ride is a 30 mile loop with about 1000 ft of elevation for the total trip. I started with 165 FTP, finished ssb1mv and retested at 194 FTP. Now I just finished my last ride of ssb2lv and I am looking forward to retesting to see where my FTP is. My question is this…what plan should I do next. I was thinking general build but I am really not sure if that’s the way to go for me being I don’t race and will most likely never race. I just want to obviously get stronger faster and healthier. Any suggestions where I should go from here would be great. Sorry for the long write up, I just figured all the details might help in figuring out a plan for me.

My suggestion is have fun. I mean if you’re not going to race and don’t have a planned event why shoehorn yourself into a specific category. If you want to do general build, do general build. I mean either way you’ll make it around your 30 mile lap. You might do the quick climbs a little faster doing general build, and if you do sustained you would be able to hold a higher percent of FTP for longer.

My advice is to just experiment and have fun. When I finished racing this year I had about 6 weeks before I took some rest before jumping back into SSB. I’m those 6 weeks I planned to do the cyclocross plan because it looked interesting (though I’ve never done cyclocross) and I had been doing a lot of steady effort plan.

My convaluded point is, if you’re not targeting something why shoehorn yourself. Do whatever makes you happy. Or the plan you think you’ll stick to.

Hope this helps!

Also, Amazing story! Keep up the good work!

Pick a Build program based on how you want to ride. My guess is that General is a good with fun and variation that will keep it interesting, as well as be good for wide use.

Sustained Power is good for more steady riding and just plain building FTP.