Need help for next training phase...rookie trainee

I don’t compete, nor am I training for any competitive races/event. I just do solo and group rides, event rides with local bike crews or bike clubs, but I do want to be a strong, fit rider who would like to be able to hang with some of the faster riders. With that said, I need some input on my next training phase.

Sunday will be the last day of SSBLV II training (completed both SSB I & II training plan) and I am entering the build phase. I initially considered the General Build phase where the 1st 3 weeks are high intensity training and the 4th week is low intensity endurance training and the 5th week you redo the FTP test and then rinse and repeat. But, I was thinking of developing my own plan, but wanted to get some feedback on my thoughts from those here who have been doing this much longer than myself, to see if I’m headed in the right direction.

Below are the training plans rattling around in my head.

Plan A: Do these each week…maybe alternate each week. (not sure which order is best…open to suggestions)

Threshold…VO2max…Endurance or V02max…Threshold…Endurance or Endurance…V02max…Threshold

Plan B: (repeat these every 2 weeks)

Week 1: V02max…Threshold…Threshold with over/unders
Week 2: All low intensity endurance training rides (3x)

I am open to any suggestions and appreciate any input.


Being new, I suggest you do general build. Trust the process. General build can be hard; doable but hard. Don’t overthink it.


Yeah, I decided to just stick with the General build plan. I just finished my FTP test.


Update: I re-evaluated my training goals and switched to the Sustained Power Build Plan. I completed the first week and have noticed the benefit of the SSBI&II training. I’ve felt strong on the Threshold training rides.

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