What's next for me...?

I am currently doing the Base Training (low volume). I am entering the 4th week and starting to think about the Build Phase. I do not compete and I don’t plan to compete. I do mostly local rides with some cycling crews. bike clubs, local event rides and solo rides; mostly they are pretty much group type rides (6-100 cyclists). Rides range from 25-100 miles (flats and hills). I want to get more durable, stronger, efficient and faster for those rides. I’ve read the various Build Phase description and it seems that the General Plan may suit me, but I just wanted to get some feedback from folks that are more familiar with these training plans and have greater experience with TrainerRoad than myself.

If anyone has been in the same boat or not can you provide a suggestion on which plan I should consider after the Base Phase to suit my needs and why that plan? I’d appreciate any insight.


Reading your personal goals, I’d be heading towards the General Build too. I did it towards the end of this race season and felt that it ticked a lot of the boxes you’ve highlighted. There’s a great range of workouts and I found it quite challenging.

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Thanks. I under the impression from the description that the General plan may be the best bet, too.

Short Power, General, and Sustained Power Builds all have more in common than many might think. They all have VO2max and sweet spot workouts.

It’s hard to go wrong with General Build. It’s like a continuation of SSB2.

That was my thinking, too, about the General Build plan. Thanks for the confirmation.