What PR did you hit today?

It had been a while since I gave Alpe de Zwift a good run and PR’ed it yesterday by about 2.5min. Unfortunately I must have had connectivity issues at the time I crossed the banner because I don’t see the segment time in ZwiftPower for the event. I guess I’ll have to give it another go sometime…

Solid ride that :muscle: :muscle:

Right? And its the long durations I tend to care about a bit more. At least I know what to look for now, need to fix some of my other long durations. This is my only Peak Performance report at the moment that will catch the problem:


I was literally losing my mind trying to figure out why it didn’t show up and then I started knocking down the duration until I found the exact timestamp.

My formula for ‘3 hours’ uses 10,600 seconds (2:56:40):

@Duration := (meanmax(power,10600)), sortd(greatest(if(@Duration,@Duration,na),15))

Today I’ve read over 500 forum posts and hardly learned anything new. That’s got to be a PR!


very impressive!

Hit an all time FTP and a bunch of 3-5 minute power records today!

We have been having a great winter so I’ve been trying to manage riding outside several times a week while still riding the trainer a few times and weight lifting twice a week. Since I’ve been able to ride the mtb so much lately, my technical skills are at an all time high and I was able to snag some super D style downhill KOMs in December.

This will be my fourth season on TR, I saw huge gains the first year on LV with periodized weight lifting twice a week. I, like a lot of users, fell into the trap of thinking that more is better and have been chasing a mid volume plan every year after my first year. I could probably handle a mid volume plan if I wasn’t committed to lifting twice a week or doing any skiing or outside rides when the weather is nice.

I think I have finally figured out what works best for me and my mountain biking goals is less bike training stress so that I can follow a periodized weight training program in parallel, I use MTB strong by Enduro training, and still do the occasional ski or ride when I can.

I’m glad I am finally finding a balance that allows me to progress!


When your 30s PR isn’t even double your FTP :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Hit me a couple of accidental PR’s today on a “social” Zwift ride during my recovery week… :smiley: Hoping to reinforce/ validate in my Ramp Test next week.


Got PRs from 55s to 72s today. About the only positive from one failed VO2max workout and one (Baxter-2) that was just hard work.

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Don’t you hate it when you go for a 20min test, but you’re climb no longer lasts 20mins…Think i’ll just take that as my 20min number given as i know i could have held it.


It’s a great problem but also a really annoying problem!

Especially if you had a perfect loop for intervals and now it’s the wrong time length.


Those consistent, week in-week out, Z2 rides are paying off!

All time sprint power PR from 10 to 18 sec, been working on my sprint, getting some podiums in the local club crits over the last month, so happy to see the numbers improving :slight_smile:

Just need to hit these numbers after the final 2-3 hard laps of a crit, and position myself better. I missed 1st by about 3/4 of a bike length on Friday night due to poor positioning in the last corner

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yup. On the plus side, my 2021 15" record is more than 50% of my all time estimated FTP…

I need some box jumps and back squats…

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