What plan to do next?

Looking to what plan I should move to next. over 10 months I’ve done SS base->build → SS base. I am just about to finish SS base. Due to my job, hours are going to ramp up a lot about halfway through the next plan I choose. if I choose build, I will probably have to lower IF of some workouts on long workdays just to be able to finish them. Or I could go back to Base again. If my goal is to raise/hold ftp (no racing in the future) would picking a build phase that i may have to tinker with be better than doing SS base again?

They have chatted about this on the podcast quite a bit - there is no easy answer

sticking with base is nice in that it can continue to build aerobic capacity - but doing the same thing over and over leads to complacency and boredom

If you are liking the workouts and gains you are making stick with SS. If you are are finding it stale, and not seeing the improvement then mix it up.

I find personally i crave the more intense workouts the more fit I get, not too much to make everyday a V02 session, but enough to test different systems then just riding SS all the time YMMV.

You can do the build phase again, Then switch to Low volume when the work hours go up. Any additional time stick in any Z2 endurance/Tempo workout. You can then pick a Goal event for next year 28 weeks out then go back into plan builder and start the plan. The main thing is to enjoy the pain :-)))))))

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