Back to Base after Build Question

Hello all, apologize for any redundancy, I’ve read through a few similar topics however just wanted to get some current opinions. Just finished a full cycle of SSBMV1/2 and GBMV. Experienced my largest FTP gain after SSB2 (beginning of build), smaller gain after the first build block, ramp test completed yesterday and FTP remained exactly the same and by exactly I mean exactly to the number. I took an extra week off after completing build to just ride, needed a break from the structure and I was a little beat to be honest.

My thoughts were to go back to SSBMV1 and not continue with specialty since I am not training for anything specific and then go into the Sustained Power Build. My concern is the lower TSS associated with phase 1 of base as well as no V02 efforts. I guess this brings me to my question, would there be any issue with increasing the TSS during this phase? Increasing the length of the Wednesday endurance ride, doing a + version on a weekend workout, incorporating a V02 workout etc. Or just roll with it and complete the plan as intended.

Appreciate any feedback, thanks all.

Don’t think current opinion will differ much here from the other topics you’ve read.

  1. There’s no problem missing speciality if you don’t have a target event on the horizon
  2. Phase 1 base TSS lower than what? Lower than phase 2? Lower than build?
  3. It’s no problem to add zone 2 volume, but it depends what “problem” you’re trying to address
  4. Base phase is about building aerobic capabilities, not growing FTP which is what V02 max workouts are for
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Appreciate the response and yeah I assumed as much. Lower in the sense of what I’m accustomed to, base phase 2, build, all of the above. I read a few posts where some would skip phase 1 entirely and go directly to 2 or do some sort of hybrid depending on where they were from a fitness perspective. A few comments mentioned phase 1 was more of an entry to TR/structured training. Not certain I buy into that however.

Can’t have too much base in my opinion so I’ll most likely roll with the plan with the increased FTP vs. the previous time around and build the base in that regard.

If you self select “Advanced/ I’ve done a lot of interval training” in plan builder, it skips SSB1. I’m using that logic myself. I’m just in the last week of Speciality for an event that restrictions mean I can no longer take part (even if I wanted too). I’m going straight back into SSB2, rightly or wrongly, as I’m not ready for a break from training/ structure.

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If mid volume of all plans is too low you could switch to high volume? Or, like you said, add some extra endurance volume to mid volume. But I’d personally resist the temptation to add V02 max (or extra volume JUST to base phase 1). The difference in volume and TSS of base 2 compared to base 1 is minimal, and presumably by design. Also don’t get dragged in to the mindset, during base, of “this is easy so I need to work harder”. Trust the process, look to longevity, and if workouts feel easy in base phase 1 then great, all the more time to recover and really capitalize on that when you get in to phase 2 and build!

The debate about the intensity of base is an interesting one. For everyone who says they skip it or add intensity to it, there’s someone who says its TOO intense, and should be focused on z2 and not all sweetspot. Until I’ve learnt more about myself and how my body reacts to training, I trust TR and their wealth of experience. I suspect that some people are simply a bit impatient and don’t like the relatively mundane nature of true base training.

EDIT: after a summer of unstructured riding (but plenty of volume) I went back to SSBLV1 which i’ve just finished. My FTP increased 10w. Thats just my n=1 but I’d prefer to do that and get back in to structure with lower intensity first, and build up gradually for a more long-term solution to my training goals. Last thing I want to do is jump back in to training with all guns blazing and get sick.

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Thank you, I was messing around with Plan Builder a bit yesterday. It seems if you do not have a target end date/event it will still put you back to phase 1 which makes sense. The only way I could get it to skip phase 1 was move the end date to where there simply would not be enough time for both phase 1 and 2. I get where you’re coming too, my dilemma as well.

Thanks again for the response. All valid points and good advice. I definitely would put myself in the guns a blazin category, I’m old(ish) so I need to be careful with that. I’m somewhat new to cycling (converted runner), I’m eager and energetic and thrive off of seeing gains so that is fueling the fire to a degree but I also understand the importance of a strong base and trusting the plan and additional gains will come.

I think you hit nail on the head and until you understand your body and how it reacts to the stimulus trusting the plan is the best way to go. I’m still learning that and the last thing I want is to dig myself into a hole.

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I’ve said in a few threads, training has been a one constant in a World of flux since March. Normally I’m mentally ready for a break from structure, but really not there this year. Yet. My normal “break” would be do a bit of commuting, a bit of running* - but not sure up the stairs to the home office will work! :grinning:

I subbed in a run at the weekend, and still have the doms. Not feeling feeling the running love since!

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I skipped speciality earlier this year after completing sustained power build and still gained a small increase during the subsequent SSB 1. just enjoy the lower tss, it won’t be long before you’re hurting again!

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Ain’t that the truth. I’m fortunate in the fact I work in healthcare on the supply chain side of things and I’ve been physically going to work throughout this whole mess. At least I have that slight sense of normalcy.

Those darn doms, I’m with you there. If I don’t run consistently (which I’m not) I can count on it.

Thanks for the input, that’s great to know you still experienced a gain, I hope for the same. Yeah and you’re right, the pain train isn’t too far off the horizon. And honestly I’m curious to see the comparisons between the same workouts with the higher FTP being a data nerd.