What plan should i follow

don’t know if this is the right place to ask this. but im a 2 nd cat roadie coming off a long season trying to be fast ish (i know im not going to be peaking )for the university track championships competing in a omnium so need to be good for a kilo to a 150 lap scratch (1st December). i had a few weeks off in September just to get my head in the right place again, and now following sweet spot base mid 2. then wondering where to go. any advice would be much appreciated

I’ve only watched track on television, but from what I can tell short high power burst are what you’re looking for. Based on that, Short Power Build and then something like Criterium Speciality might be what you’re after.

yeah a bunch on 1000 w plus efforts for some races (elimination/points races ) but if you get off the front and in the 4k its a pretty steady state effort. so think maybe ill go general build then crit. ive always found my z5 power comes round pretty fast and on a rushed build dont want to cook myself too soon