TR as preparation for track nats

I am a 55 year old masters racer with primary focus on road racing. I live close to an outdoor track and have raced with not much focus in prior regional and national track championships. I consider racing next year in June track nationals in T-town with focus in 2K individual pursuit but would also race 500TT, points and scratch race. What would be the best training plan progression? Should I modify training plans in the specialty phase? 2K IP is an all out event for around 2:30 min without recovery. Should I try to focus on maximizing my power output for this period in the specialty phase?


I race track (although only a youngster at 52 :wink: ) - Scratch, points, 2k & 500m

Despite being recomended the gravity (off road) plan for its short power building for whatever reason I didnt get on with it and got fantastic results from the Crit plan, which covers everything (short short power (20 secs) longer short power (2-4minutes) and endurance)

I was never much of a sprinter but this did wonders for my sprinting too… Im literally now doing this on rotation until an omnium event I have in February.


but, and this makes a big difference too, I use my track bike on the trainer, which has also helped me sort out the riding position for all three sets of handlebars (only in track racing!) which has also helped me go quicker

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I’ll second the crit plan as being a good all-rounder omnium track plan (although I didn’t follow it very devoutly last year - I mostly used racing as training). It’ll set you up well for the points race and scratch. My only real gripe with it is that it doesn’t have any workouts with >200% ftp efforts.
However, if your focus is really just the 2k, then during the specialty phase leading up to nationals I’d recommend spending time on track rather than just indoors. Do 2k efforts including the start and really learn the pacing that works for you. 100% all out isn’t the fastest strategy for everyone.
Also, I don’t feel like the crit plan has any efforts at the kind of intensity needed to train for the 500. I’d take the training for those on-track, too, with both standing and flying work.

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Thats a very good point - I usually do at least one 2 hour session every two weeks on gate starts.

And also I do make my own workouts specifically for track - if you do a search for ‘track 2k 500m 250m’ & ‘track 2k 500m 250m plus 30’ in workouts these are two I made specifically leading up to nationals.

I race track in the UK at Derby Arena and used the gravity plan for our season that’s just ending after hearing Chad recommend it in the podcast.

However, I would totally echo the comments above in that it really nails short power bursts but lacks training for slightly longer efforts. I know that other racers at Derby have used the crit plan with great results so I’m personally considering either that, or some sort of crit /rolling road race mash up to make sure I get enough longer efforts in the legs when prepping for next session in early 2020.

I would also totally agree with subbing out trainerroad sessions for actual quality track time wherever possible.

Hi Steve, I tried to locate your custom workouts but could not find them. Could it be that custom workouts are not available to others or am I looking in the wrong spot?
Thanks for all the helpful inputs.

I thought that when you publish a custom workout it was available to everyone?!

Maybe @mcneese.chad could correct me if im wrong or advise how to make them public…

I think other people might be able to see it. But I think it has to be shared via a TR Team for people to actually use the custom workouts.

That’s how we had to do it last year for the Disaster alternates we made.

Ive set up a team just named ‘track’ and put inthere the workouts Ive designed or altered that I use for track work…


Thanks Steve, I was now able to see the workouts.

@mgrigat than you for posting this. I’m new to TR (first ramp test yesterday) but am a 52 yo masters track racer in the UK and was just going to ask the same question.

My focus is 2k IP in the Nationals at end of June although also riding the 500TT, scratch and points. Then the 2k IP and 4k team pursuit at the Worlds in Oct.

I’d assumed the crit plan would be the best specialty plan but as @SteveCoulson suggests will be swapping in some of my own sessions and also racing/on track sessions. My biggest concern was sessions specific to the 2k IP and was going to design my own around 2 minute efforts but I’ve joined the track team and see some fun looking sessions on there. I was also concerned there is not much track focus on TR so its good to find some like minded fellow trackies.

Has anyone got experience of racing during SS base - I’ve just started SS base 2 HV but will be starting racing again in January and not sure how well the two mix.

Hi Wayne, the only problem I found with SS base is that for me it neglected any sprint work, so I ended up using the HV short power build as my base, and am probably going to do the same again mixing it with the tail end of CX season.

I also need to add more of my custom workouts to the Track ‘team’.

Youre not by chance East London based??

Hi @SteveCoulson, thanks for responding.
I’m in Nottingham so do most of my track riding/racing at Derby. Where are you? Been looking for an excuse to go down and have a play at Lee Valley

That’s interesting re SS base. The more I look at it it does exactly what it says on the label and not much more! My concern was similar that there was no top end in there and I’m racing pretty much every week from mid January (although A goal is nationals at the end of June).

Will take a look at HV short power build as that sounds like a great idea. I’ve already done quite a bit of base/SS so that could be a good solution

Hi Wayne,

Thats a relief I know a very good rider from East London with the same name who would actually concern me on the track, one of those riders that will sit at the front of the pack in the scratch and three laps from the end just ride off!!

Im just about to start on Short Power build but on the sunday sessions replacing the workouts for rides like Wright Peak +, Pioneer Hour Training and my monthly trip to hell Hour Record (ERG).

Obviously mix it up with track work at least once a week (this week was overgeared gate starts) sprint sessions and Derny, and the odd ride outside, usually hill work for me.

Looks like we’ll be competing against each other at the nationals!!

Oh and as for lee valley theres currently a leak in the roof which has closed the track for most of this week!

That’s definitely a different Wayne Smith :rofl:

I did see they’ve got a leaky roof at Lee Valley. I find that amazing.

In a previous post I think you mentioned an omnium in Feb - is that the LVRC/BMCR omnium champs at Newport? If so see you there!!

ive just added a workout ive been working on called omnium.

after riding it yesterday it still needs a bit of work tweeking power targets I think but give it a go let me know what needs to be raised, or just give it a go adding 5%!!

Good stuff in this thread, thanks! I did SSB -> SPB -> Crit two seasons ago and again last season, though this last wasn’t much of a season. Great reminder to keep working on sprints, especially on the track, and especially as I get older (37 now).

I’ve been thinking of doing general or even sustained build this year to focus on a limiter and because I’ve been thinking mass start track events are actually less punchy than crits, since there isn’t the same sprinting out of corners. What do y’all think?

Also, can the podcast crew please do a deep dice on the track? Its a whole discipline with so much (fitness, tactics, gear) to geek out on.

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