Thoughts on next program

So…I can’t decide what my path should be training wise going forward. I do my ramp test on Tuesday after finishing sweet spot base 2. Since my race season is kind of trashed I am toying with the idea of doing a half ironman. I would like to do something that would not necessarily gear me too much towards long course races in case I get to do some crits or a road race. I was kinda thinking about do the 40k TT after either a general or sustained power build. Plus the 40k TT would help focus on one of my weaknesses which is more sustained power. Anything thoughts on this?

I wouldn’t worry about “gearing yourself to longer or shorter courses” if you’re going thru build and improving your engine you will improve for EVERYTHING. Short or long.

So do what’s fun. Come back next year and refocus on races when there’s a set calendar again

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Sustained Power Build. Each week basically has 1 VO2Max, 1-2 Threshold, and 1 Sweet Spot workouts. It might have just enough of everything for you to be ready for short, punchy crits all the way up to a time trial or even half ironman bike. Just a thought.

Thanks for the input! I really do appreciate it.