What plan next?

So I’ve done a few Trainerroad plans now - the most recent one I followed closest and have made what I think are decent gains.

Back to March 2021 I was 84kgs and 225ftp pretty much. Now I’m 75kgs and 251ftp.

I feel way stronger on both my mtb’s and road bike - I have a higher threshold for pushing hard for longer periods of time, better endurance on longer rides and hills and have a new burst of power for short technical mtb climbs. Mtb is my first love - road is just for fitness if I haven’t got time to go out on my mtb.

Each time I’ve selected a plan I’ve picked ‘enduro’ and low volume. I do t think I’ve got time to go up to mid or high volume.

My current plan is coming towards it end - 2 weeks today I’ve got a 3 day long weekend of mtb - one uplift day, one day at Afan Masts (off piste riding with a big / steep climb) and one day at Forest of Dean off piste which is lots of smaller climbs.

When I’m back I’ve got until the 2nd week of august before a family holiday where there’s no cycling for 2 weeks :sleepy:. When I’m back from that near the end of august I want to start building for an off road event which is a 5k run / 22km mtb / 5km run.

I’m just wondering for the next plan whether to pick enduro again (it gave me sweet spot for a big chunk then vo2 for the last part) or pick a different event to put in as my target.

In previous plans it gave me some under overs which the current one didn’t have - no idea why.