What next? Finished with Rolling road race MV

I’m wondering what people usually go back to after finishing a specialty block with no races coming up.
RRR MV is soon done, so do I go back to short power build or general build? Or do I go back to sweet spot base again?
My goal is to continue to raise my FTP. I have no races coming up this year.

Take some time off or with easy, unstructured riding. Usually a week or two to reset the mind and body.

Then start all over with Base and on to Build. You can repeat these and skip Specialty if you don’t have goal event timing. Consider a break after Build again if you roll into the cycle another time.


+1. Just go have some fun before the weather turns!


Sounds good, I will try to do some unstructured gravel riding that I love for a week or two then start Sweet spot base I MV again :slight_smile:

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