Instant Oat Powder - pre workout?

Anyone use this? Not really seen or heard it mentioned but seems perfect for an early AM ride. I have a batch from U.K. company MyProtein that’s 55g carbs/10g protein and is as easy to digest as a standard protein shake…

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Haven’t heard of it, but the carb/protein proportions are similar to Weetabix - that’s my breakfast of choice if really need something before a workout. I’ve been eating it for years so I know my stomach can handle the fibre … ymmv :wink:

Most people just eat porridge…

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I generally have porridge or a bagel but thought a shake might be quicker…

Was fine to drink, but “moved about” in my stomach mid ride more than actual food. Might give it another go!

Supposedly, it’s the same as oat flour. Looks good as a quick pre workout meal replacement option.

Ingredient list looks like it might be cheaper to just buy quick oats and throw them in a blender. Could be a cheap way of trying it out without the full price tag (30 serving container of quick oats is $2 here - $6 for the 90 servings of some “oat powder” brands)

Is there a difference?

I put regular oats in my post-ride shake - cheap and effective.


It looks like oat powder/flour is finer than you can grind with a blender so it just depends on one’s tolerance for grittiness in a shake. If you have a really good blender like a Vitamix you can try and make your own powder.

If you have your oats already cooked and in the fridge, you can put half a cup in your blender, and they should blend easily since they are soft. At that point I’d just eat them cold with some maple syrup on them and skip messing up the blender.

It seems like a powder is mostly for convenience.

No, I guess it’s just the convenience

The powder is still cheap compared to every other supplement so I will pay for the convenience I think!

Would love to hear what you think when you try it out! Might be a quick option. I’ve got a pretty good gut so normally just eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink 500ml of water 10-15mins before jumping on the trainer early am. I’d be interesting to know how this compares and if eat leaves your stomach “full”

Or add water, blend and press it through the strainer and you have oatmilk that is smooth :slight_smile:

I use oat flour in shakes regularly and it works fine.
Your likely to get as much carb from using sweetened almond milk as you are a reasonable about of that in a shake though.

Don’t know exactly what your instant oatmeal is for consistency, but I find it better for recovery than before hand. Either glumpy sludge or sloshy overfill when I try for significant carbs from the flour.

I just had instant oat meal this morning for breakfast — after my workout. No way I could eat it before my workout and perform. I’d eat it before a long outdoor ride, though.

Is better to mix it with some fruit like bananas or is better just porridge?

Just porridge would be quite bland IMHO. Putting in some fruits gives provides vitamins, taste and fast-acting sugars. I’d also add honey or maple syrup for even more carbs.

Mmmmm readybrek, that’s just oat flour I think

I blend oats and water and heat in the microwave to make a quick easy digesting breakfast if I’m short on time. But I’m sure you could make a quick porridge out of the stuff you mention