Recovery drink and personal question

Hi guys, today I’m asking about your’s recovery drink.
I was using Recovery from Hammer Nutrition, I think that was good but expensive.
But now I’m using one scoop of Gold Standard Nutrition Protein inmediatly after my rides (I’m doing sweet spot high volume) and I don’t see any change.
I was wondering if is good what I’m doing because the recomended ratio is 4:1 carbs and protein, and Gold Standard Protein has almost all protein and very little carbs.
What I think I can do is to mix Gold Standard Protein with carbs like Carbo Max of Nutra Bio or Carbo Gain but I don’t know if these products are good and if I can mix them and have the same benefits. The reason why I want to do this is because of the price, it would be much cheaper to mix Gold Standard Protein and a carb product than the Recovery of Hammer Nutrition, and because I’m drinking this almost every day because I train 6 days a week we are talking of a good amount of money.
Thanks all and sorry for my English!

Great question. I use 1 scoop protein powder and two scoops of Gatorade powder mix. It about $20 for a big jar. This ends up being 20g protein, 100g carbs. Saves me a lot of money over premixed brand name recovery drinks. You can also add frozen spinach and frozen berries and blend. Makes it really tasty and nutritious.

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I’ve been using Tailwind Chocolate recovery mix with milk. It has been the better tasting/mixing powders I’ve used.

I use soylent (chocolate) because I don’t generally like the taste of pre-mixed recovery drinks and it has a pretty good mix of carb/protein. It’s also quite satiating.

hey question for you - how do you know how much to take in after a work out? Rules of thumb based on body weight or something? Thanks!

I’m not as type A as some and are pretty relaxed about the “rules.” A big recovery drink makes me less hungry throughout the day after my workout. Keeps me from eating the entire kitchen. I do 100g carbs, 25g protein. It’s a lot, but it works. Am I’m pretty skinny so I wouldn’t be too worried about fat gain. You still burn calories after a workout.

Matt Higgins

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