Making SiS Rego without Dairy or Soy

I’m a huge fan of SiS Rego Chocolate flavour. Wouldn’t change anything about it and use it after most workouts. However, I think I’m about to have to start an elimination diet to help treat eczema and both dairy and soy are common triggers, so Rego might be on the chopping block soon.

In anticipation, I’m trying to dream up a really simple home-brew option that ticks most of the boxes and preserves the unique ~1:1 carb:protein ratio. Equal priority on simplicity and similarity.

I’ve got a bunch of browser tabs open on right now for protein and am currently leaning towards Pea protein because of bcaa content. Beef isolate is another front runner since I’m not vegetarian/vegan. I might buy both - and maybe some others too, to see what I like best. They’ve got a proprietary multi-source vegan protein blend which looks nice from a variety perspective. Anything I ought to consider when making my choice(s) here?

I’ve recently switched my in-workout fueling to just plain old table sugar, so that seems like the obvious candidate to take care of the carb (and sweetener) component of my recovery shake. And I’ve been using pink himalayan salt for my electrolytes, so makes sense to stick with that too. Guessing baker’s cocoa powder should work ok for flavouring.

I’ll use a digital scale to start out, but I’m hopeful that the SiS scooper will give me roughly 20-25g of both sugar and protein, and that a teaspoon slightly under-filled will do for the salt, and rounded will do for cocoa.

Anything else I ought to consider including? The rest of the Rego ingredients list just looks like a multivitamin so I may or may not decide to start taking a generic daily multivitamin separate to the shake.

Side note: does anyone know when Rego changed from whey to soy protein? I never noticed the switch and am now wondering if it coincided with my adult onset eczema last spring/summer. That would mean my trigger isn’t actually dairy at all, but soy. I’ve got an email in to the SiS support team to ask them - will report back here with their response.

Some updates:

  • Ordered Pea Protein, Beef Isolate, and Vegan Protein Blend. So far I’ve only opened the Pea Protein and have managed to use it in about a week’s worth of recovery shakes.
  • Pea protein smells a bit like fish food in the bag, but thankfully once it’s mixed it’s odourless and mostly tasteless (flavour profile is clearly different to soy protein, but not in any distinct way).
  • 1x SiS scooper is about 17g protein and about 30g sugar, so I’m still learning to eyeball my 22g/22g, but it’s only a minor inconvenience.
  • Himalayan salt is excruciatingly overpowering in this shake. I had also ordered some Sodium Citrate which works much better (approx 4g/400mg or a bit less than a teaspoon).
  • Cocoa powder works really well for flavour (also 4g or an under-filled teaspoon)
  • Despite having very similar macros, this mix requires way less water. 250-300mL rather than the 500 I’m used to using with Rego

Flavour is decent. Not quite as nice as Rego but close enough given what I’m trying to achieve. Similar feelings of satiety in the hours afterwards, and I’m not noticing any difference in recovery, so that seems like a success. I suspect Rego has some emulsifiers or something in it to really bulk out that milky texture (and ensure you’re consuming a bit of extra water), but in the interest of keeping things simple I’m happy with what I’ve got.

SiS responded to my email to say Rego has always been soy based. It’s Rego+ which has whey. This makes me less concerned about soy as a possible eczema trigger, but since I’ve started the experiment I might as well continue for a while.

I also tried putting a scoop of pea protein in my porridge this morning. No real discernable flavour (I sweeten my oatmeal pretty heavily anyway), but it definitely makes it more creamy/milky and it’s significantly more filling. Could be a good way to get the protein macro up even if I don’t stick with my homemade recovery shake long-term.

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