TR planned workouts to sync to Garmin Connect ( inside )

Request: to please enable the sync function to include indoor workouts to Garmin Connect – this will allow for a central planning calendar of workouts. Thank you

When you do a workout inside with trainerroad it should push to Garmin Connect

I usually sync twice, first time to get the workout, 2nd time to have my training load updated from my watch.

I think what the OP is asking for is for all scheduled workouts to be pushed to Garmin Connect Calendar not just the “Outside” or completed indoor workouts.


That is 100% correct

I would love this too…Just got myself a Fenix so I would love all the swim, bike, and run workouts to be pushed into my Garmin Connect calendar.

I will always come back to the TR calendar, but to have them pushed to the GC calendar then I can see the workout on my watch and its notes before I started it.

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