What else are you doing besides riding?

For those in lockdown/isolation/physical distancing situations, what other activities have you been doing besides trainer rides? :man_shrugging:

I’ve walked the dog, mowed the lawn, cleaned the whole house, organised cupboards, fixed some fixtures, did a puzzle, some slight gardening…to-do list is shrinking frighteningly fast.

What’s keeping you constructively busy and occupied?

#1 Worry about my family.
#2 Worry about my business.
Rinse and repeat.

If CV19 doesn’t kill me, an anxiety attack will.


Tackling the garden. I would have been doing it about now anyway as it’s only just drying out from the winter rains. Just going to take my time, I don’t think there’s any need to rush.


For me, the complete opposite of physical activity. I’m spending a lot of time at my drawing table pushing charcoal around.

Couple examples:

Create something!


I’ve been playing guitar a lot more, the calluses on my fingertips are back to the way they were in high school!


@bhrylski – also a guitar player, but am considering wife’s mental well-being by not engaging in that particular hobby while we’re both stuck in the same house.

@1k2go – no offence, but I think your hands have much more talent than your legs! Awesome art!
(edit: what’s more of a challenge – skin tone or wood grain?)


Yeah me too… Just discovered the pitch shift effect on my modelling amp can simulate a bass… Looper pedal in the post…

outstanding stuff there… great suggestion.

My honey do list is long… however:

“The DIY store is closed babe…”

I exhausted Disney + in about a week. Not sure what the long term model is for them as they have a really niche product offering and if you don’t have young kids there isn’t much. After the Marvel and Star Wars stuff there is not much else. I can’t see myself keeping that on long term.



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Some video games, playing with my cats, baking (whole wheat bread with some honey is a great preride snack!), and working on some side programming projects. And resting, lots of sleeeeeep!


Playing with my toddler—it’s been a blast. This has really made me realize how little time I get to spend with him during “normal” life schedule.


I’ve got a hollow body Gretsch so the annoying plinktwang carries. :persevere: And really, not even guitar lovers want to hear chord & scale practice!

Maybe she can walk the dog while I practice my worst EVH.

On a Gretsch???

:facepunch: Respect

Bass player here (well some one who picks a bass and makes bass-y noises). Hadn’t played in a few weeks. Need to work out the DOMs in my right forearm now after a few Foo Fighters tunes.

Also I am working from home, and a bathroom reno is going to start this week…

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I’m a Les Paul man - it’s been taking a hammering.

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Milk it for all it’s worth. Time flies and you don’t get a second chance.

Beautiful work and great composition. The clarity and level of detail is better than my photographs! :slight_smile:

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As I said, my worst EVH! :persevere:

Getting my allotment tidied and planted up, should come in very handy this year if we get a good yield. Would encourage anyone who can to get one especially if you have young kids.

Also we have been doing our garden at home, that’s starting to look decent (good lawn stripes!). I managed to get most of the paints and wood treatments last week, just look to have missed out on getting soil delivery to redo part of my rear lawn (dug out 30m2 of decking laid over a patio to turn back to grass).

I am still working a normal week just with slightly shifted hours to also ‘teach’ my son the work issued from his school (Kindergarten age)

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Work. :frowning: There are advantages and disadvantages to WFH being easy.
Also, homeschool help. Thankfully my daughter doesn’t need much (either help or pestering to get it done).

Sadly, I don’t know how much trainer riding I can do - I had the consultant appointment for my hip injury cancelled on the day of, so I still don’t even know what’s wrong with it! :frowning: