Advice on tomorrow’s workout, outdoor instead of trainer

So, Sunday always has been my day to get out and ride. Having three kids under 6, tr and the trainer have been a blessing, but I always fight the urge to get outside on sundays to ride. Once again, one of the main reasons I do this is to get outdoors and get a little bike therapy. I double up occasionally on days with low tss and also add an outdoor mtb ride. Tomorrow my oldest has an ice hockey game, I’m contemplating doing a ride to and from my house to the rink and back. The ride with be A total of 60ish miles and 4,000+’ of elevation. I’m thinking 2.5-3.5 hrs ride time, but with a 1 hr break to watch the game in the middle. Tomorrow I have hunter on the schedule, so two hours at sweet spot. I think the work would end up being pretty equivalent. Is this doable? I’m desperate to get out and clear my head and do a nice outdoor ride, high of 39 degrees tomorrow and partly cloudy, hard to pass up. I get a little c.o.d. when it comes to following the plan as I want to reap all the benefits I can.

I’d say go for it. This is exactly the kind of thing I do to fit in longer outdoor rides around family stuff. Especially when the work is something like SS that isn’t super specific. I go a bit nuts and/or lose motivation if I do too much indoor riding. Though took it to a bit of an extreme once as we were spending a night with the in-laws and I decided to cycle 110 miles there and then drive home with the family the next day. Except there was a huge headwind that day so the ride took me a lot longer than planned, I arrived late, tired and hungry, ate everything in sight and then fell asleep. And the wind was still blowing the next day so I decided to change plans and leave after breakfast so I could ride home with the tailwind and cash in on all the work I’d done the day before. Think I only ended up being there for about 14 hours and I was asleep for 10 of them and eating for the rest of the time, I wasn’t very popular! Though got a great fitness bump from it…

The benefits will be entirely dependent upon terrain and traffic lights.

But Hunter’s an easier one. I’d say go for it.

P.S. 39 degrees sounds awful to me.

Do it!!! An outdoor ride is a must when you can fit it in, and try not to worry about the numbers too much - ride how you feel. In my opinion, getting out is as beneficial mentally as the focused workouts are physically. Treat yourself, lol💪