Indoor workouts just to stay moving

I’m currently suffering from some after-effects* from this crash here a wee while ago so am taking a break from training. I’ve been advised to keep active - getting exercise rather than training - so am getting out on my bike wherever possible. However, winter time in Scotland can make that a bit of a challenge!

I’m looking for some inspiration of things I can do on the trainer to keep things moving without getting bored, but without the stress of actual training. I’m going to jump on and try ‘elements of style’ on sufferfest this afternoon, as a little bit of form work is fun. Any other ideas?

*post-concussion syndrome. Basically my resilience is really low at the mo so need to take things easy while the brain sorts itself out. Not looking for any specific advice on this though, I have that in hand.

What about setting a goal of obtaining all the Route Badges in Zwift…doesn’t matter how fast you complete them, just complete them and you get that route’s badge.

Start with the shorter routes and then target the longer ones as you continue to feel better. You can fell like you accomplished something each ride “badge earned) and track your progress as you earn more, which can serve as an affirmation that you are progressing in your rehab.

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I find dressing for the weather and getting out on my fat bike helps. You can go anywhere and just cruise around in a low gear. Definitely helps with the cabin fever. I have been told “there is no bad weather, just wrong clothes” with fat tires it is true

There are days where all I have in me is Baxter and a book or Baxter and streaming TV. Builds base, burns fat, makes room for a beer or 7 later in the day. I started doing workouts like those because there are days where I just don’t have the fight in me for SSB or VO2 work, and workouts like Baxter are way better than doing nothing.

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Not a fan of Zwift. I gave it a few months but it’s not for me. Thanks for the suggestion though.

As I said, I’ll be riding outside where possible. But current weather would mean more time cleaning my bike than riding so the garage is the place to be.

I tried the SUF free trial to have a go at ‘Elements of Style’. Lots of connection issues that I just don’t have with TR so I doubt I’ll be subscribing.

I guess I’m after suggestions of workouts with interesting drills or fun things to do while baxtering.

Why not use the free trial possibilities on such zwift-alternatives as RGT and Rouvy?

Try riding TR workouts indoors while erg is turned off. I find that even on long intervals [eg 3 * 30 minutes], I have to concentrate to hold power. That relieves boredom. Then I put in shorter drills [Coach-Chad’s pedal drills; 2-minute sub-intervals in which I pedal at cadences all the way from 50 rpm up to 110 rpm] and this breaks the ride up – anything to increase the mental load and decrease the apparent length of the intervals.

Good luck!

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Just throw on a movie, tv show, or bike race and pedal in zone 2.

Get a set of rollers? Can pick up a cheap secondhand set or maybe borrow some. I find a 30 minute unstructured spin on the rollers is quite therapeutic - staying smooth (and upright!) takes up enough brainpower that I don’t need a lot of other entertainment or structure. Beyond 30 minutes gets a bit dull and needs some TV or structure. And I do notice a difference in how smoothly I apply the power when I hit the road again after some roller sessions, no idea if it actually translates to more speed but makes me a feel a bit more pro and that can’t be a bad thing…

Or get away from cycling and do some bodyweight circuits, pilates, yoga, crossfit, etc. Good time to work on strength and stability.


Thanks for the ideas. Switching off erg and trying rollers are both now on the cards.

As is some strength work - I’m already noticing the lack of a core routine.