What electronic music/DnB for hard workouts? E. g. Noisia, Calyx & TeBee

Any music suggestions in the field of electronic music?
Not sure how to describe - I’m not looking for House or Trance or minimal techno, but something along the lines of Calyx & TeBee, Upbeats, Noisia, and such.


Hi! I’m a huge d’n’b enthusiast, see my avatar, it’s TeeBee’s label so I love all the aforementioned artists. This might just be you and me, but I’m happy to share the mixes I find that help motivate me through life and TR workouts! I was a dj in a former life.

Have you subscribed to Noisia’s weekly show? I like it as it’s a showcase and not a blended mix. More often than not I do prefer full dj mixes with no MCs though. Always exceptions of course.

Some of the tracks I have on my playlist:

Stompbox (Spor Remix) - The Qemists
Acumen - NAS // Tabula Rasa
Tarantula - Pendulum
Dutty Harry (feat. Riko Dan) - Trends & Boylan
Unsticking - Margari’s Kid
Tempest - Arcatype
Ground Zero - Gothenburg Cluster
Trioxin 245 - Trioxin
Obsession (feat MC DRS) - Critical Presents: Sequence One
Dune - State of Mind
Machine - Culture Shock
Tech9 - Microcosm

I could go on and on :wink:

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You are my friend now. Agree with everything you said. Give me all the musics. Especially playlists!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Likewise! Watch this space… I’ll post all my Soundcloud and etc findings.

I like this Stress Factor series, sometimes he gets way to vocally for me but in general it’s a good place to start.

His first mix is an acid house mix, but scroll down for all the dnb mixes…


I just listen to Adam Beyer sessions on Spotify. They last for a good 2hrs or so.


I also really enjoy techno. I’ve been following the Drum Code Radio for 10 years now! Nice!

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I really like going hard during high intensity workouts, so I’ve been listening to a playlist on Spotify called “Hardstyle Bangers”.

As the name implies, it’s pure hardstyle banging tunes!

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This does sound like a particular genre of films…

Try this

How do you find “sessions” on Spotify?
When I search Adam Beyer, I find his Songs, Albums, etc…but sessions?


I often find that artists like Noisia, C&T, Mefjus, Camo & Krooked etc aren’t like traditional DnB.
Do you have any further suggestions in that direction?

I’m aware of the Noisia Podcast, listened to many episodes…but often it’s toooo dark or even experimental for me, and the tempo doesn’t always suit a hard workout at high RPM/cadence.

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I think that may have actually been on Sound Cloud now I think about it, but Spotify still has play lists.

This is THE topic for my first post on the forum, since I almost exclusively listen to rave music for my workouts. Unfortunately there are too many artists to list but I can break it down by style. Also, I recommend mixes because you want a DJ curating your workout, not Spotify. I have a ton of rave mixtapes from my rave days so I’m good.

Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore - My v02max efforts. Also great for sweet spot. Some people might laugh but the high BPM is great for keeping a high cadence. My average cadence is 95-100, so I like it fast.

Happy hardcore - Great for ramp tests, Zwift races. Total cheese but great for keeping me motivated while suffering.

“old school rave”/ house/ techno/ drum n bass - Good for aerobic workouts at 60-75% of FTP. I love breaks and slower BPM genres but for me they work better when I’m just enjoying my workout and not trying to concentrate on maintaining power.

Stuff to check out if you want to dip your toe into the harder side of electronic music (especially if you come from an edm/dnb background): The Outside agency, DJ Producer, Hellfish, Current Value, Detest, PRSPCT recordings.


Might be a little bit too easy but Daft Punk - Alive 2007 provides a reliable 90 mins of goodness.


I’ll have to give those a try - even though I don’t think Hardcore is my style. But I’ll check it out, thanks for the great info!

@timothyh: Thanks! You’re right, I like Daft Punk and also Justice…but I’ve listened to those too many times by now :wink:

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Bit older school feeling DnB, Mixcloud
Keeps me motoring on. Less “hard” than Noisa and quite perky (I guess that’s how I’d describe it).

I also like Deekline, plenty of his mixes on YouTube to listen too.

I love the old 91-92 sets. They were the raves I used to attend. Definitely recommend this chap Jay Cunning

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for 1hr endurance rides.


Icicle is a really good artist that pushes what I would consider traditional d’n’b. He also rides bike a little. I’ll keep coming up with more. Agreed on the Noisia show, since I listen to the music all the time it helps me stay in the loop on what’s new, but it doesn’t have much flow since some of what they love is pretty slow.

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